Take 2 to release Tecmo’s Tokobot

Whimsical problem solving PSP platformer

Posted by Staff
Take 2 has just announced that it will be publishing Tecmo's wonderfully weird PSP 3D Platform-Puzzler 'Tokobot' in March 2006.

Tokobot's storyline is both bonkers and inspired. It begins thousands of years ago, in the land of Moritari, where a prehistoric race created extraordinary technology that revolutionized life. Now, in modern times, this lost technology is being excavated from the ruins of the ancients by private laboratories.

You play a character called Bolt, a quick-thinking 16-year-old agent for a laboratory investigating ancient technology. Bolt is the controller of the loveable and highly versatile Tokobots - little robots that will co-operatively help you on your journey to find treasure by using their unique and creative team formations.

In order to progress through the ancient ruins in the game, you can use the Tokobots in various inventive ways. Use them as a propeller to help you fly, stack them as a ladder to get you up high, or conjoin with them into the ultimate combo where they can morph with Bolt to become a tank, catapult and more - such as a sword wielding samurai or block lifting crane.

Now just checking out these initial screens and artwork, and reading through the game’s storyline and description already brings a huge smile to SPOnG’s face. This is what videogames should be about – teaming up with loveable robots that help you to achieve incredible feats of dream-like superhero-style moves.

As it says on Tecmo’s website: "together, you and the Tokobots will reveal the mysteries hidden in the ruins and save the world from a horrible plot!"


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