E3 No-shows: Tomb Raider and Grand Theft Auto to Miss Key Show

Deadlines approach for big franchises.

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Sorry love, not in that oufit: Lara fails to make it to E3
Sorry love, not in that oufit: Lara fails to make it to E3
We can confirm today that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will not be shown at this year's E3 in Los Angeles, confirming speculation from last week which spoke of the key Rockstar update missing the industry's biggest trade show.

The reason for the omission has not been given, with representatives from Rockstar's parent company Take 2 confirming that the game will be unveiled in June to selected press, retail and distribution partners.

Of course, this may all be smoke and mirrors from the canny outfit, perhaps part of a strategy to trump the expo. Indeed, ruling out San Andreas' inclusion, then unveiling it as a 'surprise' would certainly grab a few headlines. Expect updates in the coming weeks, with Take 2 expected to reveal its E3 line-up within the next 14 days.

In related news, strong talk abounds in the UK suggesting that Eidos' essential update to the Tomb Raider series also miss this May's Electronic Entertainment Expo. The endlessly creative development rumour mill claims that, although Crystal Dynamics has an operable demo of the game said to be fully running, Lara's latest exploits will not be playable to press or public in any way. This news has not been confirmed, and at time of press, no one from Eidos was able to comment.


Joji 20 Apr 2004 14:01
I'm sure GTA will be cool and worth the wait. Tomb Raider has to go a long way to convince me to buy it after the last three awful games. The series need a really bad overhaul coz Lara Croft ain't enough to sell a game now. We have new heroes like Sam Fisher now.

After CD put this next game out I think they should give the series a rest, coz Lara is becoming like a party guest that's outstayed her welcome. Sega used to be guilty of this by realeasing a Sonic game every year, back in the MD days. Eidos should learn not to do this, like they did with TR 2-3, game quality suffered i reckon because of this, and pressure from the suits.

I stopped playing TR after 2, 3 turned up too soon and wasn't that hot. The series has gone down hill since then, and in my view needs a few more playable characters, and less focus on Lara and her assets, maybe even some online play.
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