Take Two: Electronic Arts Take Over is Possible

Are we even near the end game?

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Tug'o'war - well, we're bored with Niko Bellic.
Tug'o'war - well, we're bored with Niko Bellic.
Although dismissing Electronic Arts' continuing bid for their company as 'inadequate', Strauss Zelnick and Ben Feder of Take-Two appear to be preparing staff for it to happen.

A letter sent to Take-Two workers yesterday included the following:

"As of last Friday, July 18th, a significant majority — about 85% — of Take-Two’s shareholders had not accepted the EA offer. While today’s news means that EA is extending its highly conditional offer for the fifth time, an acquisition by EA is by no means a certainty.

In any event, this latest extension has no impact on our day-to-day efforts to build our business, and our Board continues to evaluate alternatives to maximize stockholder value."

The use of the phrase, "by no means a certainty" certainly stands out there.

Source: Take Two Letter


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