Could GTA V Be Announced Before E3?

Analyst seems to think so.

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Could GTA V Be Announced Before E3?
Take-Two was pleased as punch at announcing the news that Grand Theft Auto IV had managed to sell 15 million copies worldwide. But the game was released back in 2008 - surely it's time to hear more about the inevitable GTA V? Chances are we may hear something before E3 this year.

Mike Hickey, analyst for Janco Partners, said that "there is building suspension for a pre-E3 GTA V announcement, although we expect nothing from Rockstar at this year’s official E3 event." I would be fitting of Rockstar to not use an international platform like E3 to announce such a game, choosing to use its own methods for revealing its projects - GTA IV, for example, was announced on the internet.

Hickey thinks that a new GTA would sell even more than Niko Bellic's urban adventure, citing "sales acceleration of the prior cycle GTA console iterations, an accelerating core gamer installed base (with an emphasis on PS3 installed expansion where GTA has historically dominated relatively), and the most talented / motivated development team in the world, in our view."

What say you, readers? Is it about time we had a new Grand Theft Auto? Perhaps something a little less high-brow and Academy Award-winning, for something more fun and crazy (ala GTA III and, recently, Ballad of Gay Tony) would rock our boat just nicely Rockstar, ta.


matthew verso 5 Mar 2010 11:55
Personally, I'd prefer something more like GTA: San Andreas, sprawling and bonkers, but even bigger and crazier.
Svend Joscelyne 5 Mar 2010 12:22
Lord knows why I forgot about San Andreas - good man. Something like that would rock.
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JLR 5 Mar 2010 12:25
A return to SA would be welcomed here, too. The toning down on characters and plot would also be great. The ending of IV was a bit depressing.
SA 6 Mar 2010 03:48
Im gonna be honest, despite its crazy ish, and illogical missions..Really a street thug gets access to this s**t and gets involved in it? give me a break...But despite that, SA was still my favorite game in the series..I found myself more apt to playing that game than any other game.

I haven't even finished a 3rd of GTA IV, and don't really care to, and Vice City is alright but tough to go back to.

SA, anytime I play that there is something amazing to do, mission or non-mission related.
Tone 6 Mar 2010 16:38
i liked vice city, i liked san andreas, not so much 4. If they could get the best bits from these games (4'S Graphics, vice city featurs and SA's gameplay) that would be something to definitly play, but will it happen? maybe.... if they work really hard
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