New GTA Trailer Coming Soon – Details Here

Meanwhile, Take Two to make significant job cuts

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The next Grand Theft Auto IV trailer - entitled "Looking for that special someone" - is set to rock the Internet to its very core when it is released later this month on June 28.

Details on the trailer, as ever, are scarce, but expect rampant speculation among gamers everywhere over the next fortnight.

Elsewhere, Rockstar’s parent company Take-Two Interactive Software has just posted a rather worse-than-expected loss of $51.2m (£25.6m) for the its financial second quarter. This is its sixth consecutive quarterly loss and is down on the same period last year's loss of $50.4 million (£25.55m).

According to The New York Times, "Revenue fell 22.5 percent, to $205.4 million, in the quarter ended April 30 from $265.1 million a year earlier, when sales of the role-playing game Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion were especially strong."

The company has also said that it will have to make ‘meaningful’ job cuts in order to reduce its costs by $25m (£12.6m) a year by 2008.

While T2 declined to give a firm figure on how many of its 2,100 employees would be axed, spokesman Edward Nebb said it would be a "meaningful" number and ubiquitous analyst, Michael Pachter from Wedbush Morgan, estimates that it would be in the region of 200.

Michael Spilligan (Senior Entertainment analyst at Nomoru Wahrheit Kennis) refused to speculate on the number of people who could lose their jobs, telling SPOnG, "I know Michael Patcher's work - and I respect it - sure, you can pluck a figure from the ethersphere, but frankly what use is there in predicting lay-off numbers? Extrusion-mapping tells us that it's not the 'how many' but the 'who many' that ennervates a going forward situation for any business."

Make no mistake, Take-Two is betting the farm on Grand Theft Auto IV.


hollywooda 12 Jun 2007 11:55
I really hope Rockstar bring something new to the next gen GTA, i really cant stomach just playing through another "same old same old" GTA. I think rockstar should of done the sensible thing here & showed that they can move with the times by creating a new IP for the next generation, i'd hate to see this franchise flogged to death..... if it isnt already?
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