EA and Take 2 "Wonderful Acquisition Targets"

So says an analyst - who isn't Pachter

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EA and Take 2 "Wonderful Acquisition Targets"
A business analysts called Lawrence Haverty from a company called Gamco has told Bloomberg that both Electronic Arts and Take-2 Interactive are 'cheap' and this makes them "wonderful acquisition targets" for the likes of Time Warner.

Haverty was speaking on a recent Bloomberg show, he said:

"I think these two companies are wonderful acquisition targets for major media companies where you get exposure to the fastest growing industry, where you get competent operating management... a really tremendous outlook."

When asked if such acquisitions would be a better use of Time Warner's cash than stock buy-backs, he responded, "I think it would... the big media companies own all of the content, except for the games content, I think that's going to be the fastest growing content in the next five years."

He also points out that Time Warner has "a little bit of history" in the games business... specifically a huge loss maker in Atari.


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