Take Two: GTA IV Propped Up UK Economy

Rockstar title an economic phenomenon, it would seem

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Take Two: GTA IV Propped Up UK Economy
By now, we all know that GTA IV was and continues to be a massive success. Take Two, however, rates that success higher than you might think. In fact, the company's CEO and director, Ben Feder, has suggested that the game took the burden of keeping the UK economy chugging along.

Speaking during a conference call following Take Two's financial report, Feder said, "...by one account, GTA 4 single-handedly propped up the U.K. economy by helping retail sales for April and exceeding expectations." Single-handedly! Thanks, guys.

Of course, in the name of fairness we must remember Feder's words, "by one account". That said, despite not disclosing whose account it is, he clearly believes it has enough credibility to be wheeled in a conference call with analysts.

While there's obviously a smidge of hyperbole going on there, GTA IV's success is undeniable. During the call, Feder also reiterated GTA IV's sales figures, saying, "As of May 31st, we’ve sold over 11 million units into retail channels worldwide, with approximately $8.5 million of those units sold through to consumers."

Source: Seeking Alpha


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