Modern Warfare 2 Crunches GTA IV's Record

Crunches a week's record in a day

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Quick, get down the shops!
Quick, get down the shops!
It's a rare thing for the UK to get Day 1 sales figures. In fact, when it does happen you know it means something huge. Here's what it means today:

Modern Warfare 2 has outsold GTA IV's Day 1 sales in the UK. In fact, it's doubled the figure sold by Rockstar and Take Two's game with 1.23million copies of the Infinity Ward FPS being sold to eager gamers. This compares to 2008's GTA IV figure of 609,000 sales in the first 24 hours.

This figure isn't just Activision pumping out its own hype either. MCV reports that this huge number comes from GfK-ChartTrack - the accepted auditor of UK game sales data.

Heavy discounting by supermarkets such as Sainsburys and ASDA, along with a dual-Activision and Microsoft funded advertising and marketing blitz will certainly have helped the game's sales. As will the controversy stoked by MP Keith Vaz over the 'airport slaughter' scene.


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