GTA V - Spring 2013 Release Leaked in Brighton

GAME Group apparently lets release date loose

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Ah, that Twitter. Forever getting people who should probably know a great deal better into hot water. This time, GAME, the retailer's Brighton branch has apparently let loose the release 'window' for GTA V thus giving them, well, no sort of advantage.

Of course, the darned tweet has since been deleted, but - again of course - photos such as the one we've got illustrating this tale still exist.

Basically the tweet showed pre-order posters and the like for the game: "Spring 2013" it said. Now, for us that's March 1st to May 31st... and if you started queuing on Day 1 you're going to be pretty bloody hungry by the end.

GAME's GTA V page still has lovely old "TBC" on it though.


Palmer Beckwith 30 Oct 2012 13:21
This seems fake to me, Rockstar would have said something by now.
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