James Ellingford

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Dr James Ellingford’s professional life culminated in being head of Take 2 interactive Software Interantional based in Geneva, Switzerland. It was during this time that James learnt again the lessons that would prove so useful in focusing his attention, time and effort for what was to come. After running Take 2 for teh past 10 years Dr James Ellingford decided to retire and write his often requested book.

Dr James Ellingford’s hard hitting, straight to the point management style not only earned him respect and trust from his peers but also undoubtedly caused its usual share of upsets along the way as his book will also do.

Dr James Ellingford holds a Post Graduate in Corporate Management, Masters in Business Administration as well as a Doctorate in Management. He is not only more than qualified to discuss the theory and practice surrounding investments but also more than capable of delivering the information in a provocative, direct and albeit sometimes controversial manner - to enable those of us with even little or no knowledge of the stock market - to be able to take control of our own financial future - and succeed!

Love him or hate him, one thing is for sure, you won’t forget what he has to say.

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