Got info on SCEA?
Full name: Sony Computer Entertainment America

Software Highlights from Credited Titles

SCEA's first work that SPOnG is aware of is the 1995 title, "Air Combat" (PlayStation).

The company has been involved titles released on the PC, PSVita, PS3, PS2, PSP and PlayStation. Of these, "Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters" (PSP), "God of War: Chains of Olympus" (PSP), "Crash Bandicoot" (PlayStation), "LittleBigPlanet" (PS3), "Crash Bandicoot 2" (PlayStation) has been a best selling title.

The company's most recent involvement was on the 2012 release "Little Deviants" (PSVita).

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20 Mar 2014

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25 Jun 2013

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05 Feb 2013

Ex-PlayStation Man Dumps on Sony of America News

Then backtracks over the whole thing

25 Sep 2012

Sony CEO: Pre-Owned Games 'Great for Consumers' News

Sony lawyers currently crying their eyes out

14 May 2012

Sex Offenders 'Purged' from Xbox Live & PlayStation Network News

Electronic Arts, Warner Brothers, Disney Interactive, Blizzard and Apple also involved as paedophiles have accounts suspended in New York State

06 Apr 2012

Capcom Wants Next Gen Networks Over Consoles News

Talk of Next Generation games tech really taking off

15 Mar 2012

Tretton: Expect More Hardware from Sony Computer Entertainment News

Core business is still games but...

28 Feb 2012

Sony on a New PlayStation: "Right Now, We're Focused on PS3" News

Jack Tretton on PS4... it's not coming yet.

17 Feb 2012

USA: Sony Vita Titles Cheaper Downloaded than Packaged News

SCEA to make downloading Vita games a pain for old skool retailers

01 Feb 2012

PlayStation Network Loses Key Executive News

Head of PSN in the USA quits

30 Jan 2012

More Exits at Sony's Games Division News

Black Friday figures may have lead to Sony shake up.

01 Dec 2011

Is Sony Missing 1.5 Million PlayStation Network Users? News

Jack Tretton positive on the future

21 Oct 2011

Kazunori Yamauchi Surprised as Gran Turismo 5 DLC Delayed News

Bad timing for GT5 DLC

18 Oct 2011

Sony's Insurance in Danger over PlayStation Hack News

One of its insurers wants to pull out.

25 Jul 2011

Jack Tretton Brushes off iPhone Threat News

Uses movie analogy.

28 Jun 2011

Sony's Kaz Hirai Either Confused or Contrary on PSN Hack Details to US and Japanese Governments News

Freedom of Info report indicates Sony delayed informing customers

15 Jun 2011

E3 2011: Sony Issues Apology for PSN Downtime News

Sorry across the board.

07 Jun 2011

Sony Live Streaming Five Hour E3 Press Conference News

Prepare for a late, late night with Kaz Hirai

30 May 2011

Sony's E3 - Five Hours of Graphs, Apologies and Games News

Maybe some hardware too

25 May 2011

Hotz Lawyers: Neighbour Borrowed Console News

He also never opened his manual.

29 Mar 2011

Lawsuit States that Sony Fabricated PS3 Claims News

OS removal was about cost not security

25 Mar 2011

Sony in a Dille of an Executive Loss News

Senior Playstation marketing man leaves

09 Mar 2011

US and UK SingStar Stores Get Merged News

Cross the Atlantic and brought together

15 Dec 2010

Red Dead Redemption Wins VGA Shootout News

BioWare earns several accolades too.

13 Dec 2010

Sony Patents Portable Touch Device - Internet Cries "PSP2"! News

iPad killer, or next PSP handheld?

29 Nov 2010

Sony: Move Can Be Upgraded, But It's Good Enough Already News

The joys of PlayStation 3 firmware updates.

29 Nov 2010

PlayStation 3 Gets More 1080p Movie Streaming News

Yeah, in America

17 Nov 2010

Sony: Move Has Greatly Exceeded Expectations News

Echoes consumer response in claim

16 Nov 2010

USA: Playstation Network to Get PSOne Import Section News

Hard to reach niche titles not so far away any more

17 Sep 2010

SCEA Announce LittleBigPlanet 2 Release Date, Collector's Edition News

Get busy creating games from mid-November.

23 Jul 2010

Jack Tretton: 3D 'Critical for PS3 Owners' News

50 million PS3s by March 2011

11 Jun 2010

Killzone 3 Trailer - It's Cinematic News

See it here

03 Jun 2010

Sony USA: The Arrogance has Gone News

Kevin Butler ads are helping

06 Apr 2010

U.S. Software Chart - BioShock 2 Leads Disappointing Month News

Total sales down 15 per cent.

12 Mar 2010

Sony's Tretton: We Worked with Natal Tech Pre EyeToy News

But CEO has good things to say about Nintendo.

26 Feb 2010

UPDATE: Sony Computer Entertainment Dies and Rises News

Kaz Hirai to lead new division for better network integration.

24 Feb 2010

PlayStation Home is 'Freemium' News

Sony latches on to trendy term.

23 Feb 2010

Two New PS3 Slims to Hit News

Nothing hugely new though sadly

22 Feb 2010

Disney Names Sony Motion Controller: 'Gem' News

House of Mouse focusing on user interaction and digital distribution.

18 Feb 2010

IBM Patent Answer to PS3 Exploit? News

Lots of encryption, keys and binding going on in this one.

16 Feb 2010

PS3's 3D Upgrade Summer 2010? News

Sony's 3D TVs coming in just a few months, says SCEA exec.

10 Feb 2010

ModNation Racers Gets PSP Version News

Will include portable forms of PS3 creation features.

05 Feb 2010

God of War III Hitting US 16th March - Europe Same Week News

Plus: Box art and incoming trailer details.

29 Jan 2010

Sony: No Regrets on God Of War II PS2 Lack News

SCE VP reveals reasons behind not putting GoW2 on PS3.

27 Jan 2010

PS2 Slump Hits Sony Revenues Hard News

Year-on-year revenue down by $700m.

20 Jan 2010

PS3 And PSN Enjoy Biggest Christmas Ever News

1.7m consoles sold, 155% increase in online revenue.

15 Jan 2010

Qore Wrong: SCEE To Announce Heavy Rain Release Date Today News

Qore reveals incorrect US release date.

08 Jan 2010

God of War III New Scene Due Jan News

Beta means the whole game is complete

11 Dec 2009

Black Friday Boasts from Microsoft, Sony & Nintendo News

Prepare yourself for standard number spunking

01 Dec 2009

USA PS3 Sales Rocket in October News

10 year life-cycles to the fore

19 Nov 2009

New Final Fantasy XIII Trailer in PS3 Home Friday 13th News

Hopefully not the huge announcement.

12 Nov 2009

Sony Accused of "unlawful, unfair, and fraudulent" Practices News

Also sued by the visually impaired

09 Nov 2009

SCEA 'Holding Up' Gran Turismo 5 Release News

Game cost $60million to make.

04 Nov 2009

PS3 USA Sales Skyrocket in September News

Price Cut and Slim version did the trick.

20 Oct 2009

The Charts: Uncharted 2 Gets Charted at Two News

Also; good news for heavy metallers this week.

19 Oct 2009

Microsoft: We'll Outsell PS3 for Entire Generation News

Aaron Greenberg expects Sony's console to do well in September.

16 Oct 2009

Naughty Dog Dev Confirms PS3 Cross-Game Chat News

Will arrive in the next PS3 firmware update.

15 Oct 2009

Analyst: Uncharted 2 Will Be Tipping Point For PS3 News

Sony will triumph this holiday season, apparently.

13 Oct 2009

Sony: PSP Mini Pricing is Not Our Decision News

Eric Lempel speaks out

08 Oct 2009

SCEA: PSP Sales Up 300 Per Cent News

Launch of PSP Go has 'generated strong consumer interest' in the platform.

08 Oct 2009

PS3 EyePet Slips US - All OK in the UK News

Still on track for October 23rd.

06 Oct 2009

SCEA and SEGA Rumoured Leak: Alpha Protocol "Barely RPG" News

Mass Effect is more RPG

22 Sep 2009

SEGA & Sony Meeting Leak: The Details News

Huge cock-up or pointless red herring.

22 Sep 2009

Sony Denies 250Gb PS3 Uncharted 2 Bundle News

Bundle pictured

17 Sep 2009

Sony America: PS3 Sales Only Up 300% News

Yes, our tongue is in our cheek

11 Sep 2009

U.S. Game Hardware, Software Sales Down News

Statistic confusion spreads across the Internet

11 Sep 2009

Sony Release PSP Firmware 6.00 News

Light on features, heavy on preparation?

10 Sep 2009

Politics Forces SCEA to Change PS3 Slim Advert News

Or political correctness gone bonkers? Or capitalism gone sensible.

10 Sep 2009

USA's Limited Edition PSP GT Pack News

Pix and Euro Envy

03 Sep 2009

Rock Band Lite for USA PSPgo News

For a limited time

28 Aug 2009

PS3 Slim Being Sold Early News

Photographic evidence given

26 Aug 2009

Jack Tretton Gets to Show Off PS3 Slim in Video News

Jack's well happy.

19 Aug 2009

Tretton Crows PS3 Slim, Wii 'Wearing Thin' News

Sales before Christmas period don't count, apparently

19 Aug 2009

LittleBigPlanet Game of the Year Video News

Plus: some ever-adorable detail

18 Aug 2009

PlayStation Laughter Device is NOT a Controller News

It's for analysts

17 Aug 2009

America! Video Games in the Sales Gutter News

Sales down across the board.

17 Jul 2009

PlayStation 2: Most Played Console in USA News

Ratings are in

17 Jun 2009

Sony: UMD Library to PSP Go Digital News

Upgrade path ahoy.

05 Jun 2009

E3 '09: Natal Fury - PS3mote for Sony's Press Conference News

What's Sony got in its pants?

02 Jun 2009

New PlayStation Hardware - Secret Blown News

UMD out, downloads in

01 Jun 2009

US Game Sales Decline 17% News

PS2 Outsells PS3

15 May 2009

SCEA's PlayStation PR Babble Excels News

Meaningless botheration

17 Apr 2009

Sony: Third-Party Exclusives are a Goner News

An omission that MGS4 will hit Xbox 360?

15 Apr 2009

inFamous Gets US Date, Dateless in UK News

Still 'TBC' over here

14 Apr 2009

Patapon 2: Another Step Toward UMD Death? News

No UMD release in the US

14 Apr 2009

PlayStation 3 Use Down - Xbox 360 Up News

Then again, the Game Cube usage is also up.

08 Apr 2009

Sony: MAG Not Possible on Xbox 360 News

Only on PS3

03 Apr 2009

Sony: PS2 Will Steal Wii Market Share News

Two machines very similar, apparently

01 Apr 2009

Confirmed: PS2 Goes Sub-$100 News

Sony looks for new customers

31 Mar 2009

PlayStation Cloud: Sony Versus OnLive? News

PS4 to use streamed gaming?

31 Mar 2009

God of War III: Tanks and Helicopters? News

New video here

26 Mar 2009

Sony: No Plans for PSP Price Cut News

But big push planned for downloads

25 Mar 2009

NPD: Wii Leads February Growth in US News

Year on year revenue up

20 Mar 2009

Sony America Wants a PS3 Price Cut? News

People spend on... blah, blah, blah...

20 Mar 2009

Sony says Game Devs Want Free PS3s News

Pressure mounts for PS3 price cut

16 Mar 2009

US: Wii Beats PS3 in Online Gaming News

Xbox 360 heads the pack

11 Mar 2009

PSP2 Hints: Sony Ramping Up Retro Downloads News

Koller provides hints towards a disc-free future.

04 Mar 2009

Acclaim's Perry Calls Out Sony's Koller on PSP2 News

Asks for denial of UMD death

03 Mar 2009

More God of War and GTA for PSP? News

A PSP rumour round-up

02 Mar 2009

USA: Xbox 360 Second to Wii in Jan News

Shock horror outrage fury

13 Feb 2009

New PSP Firmware Due News

Software to be stabilised

20 Jan 2009

PlayStation 2 Here Until 2010 News

PS3 hits 50... we jest.

14 Jan 2009

Microsoft: Three-Horse Race - Two Winners News

Greenberg says it's a two-horse race

12 Jan 2009

Sony: Microsoft and Nintendo are Peddlers News

Let the bitch-slapping begin

08 Jan 2009

Sony: PS3 Sales Up 130% News

Everybody had a great year!

06 Jan 2009

USA: PlayStation 3 Sales Down News

Sales up for Wii and Xbox 360

29 Dec 2008

Death of UMD Mistaken for PSP2 News

A PSP2 denial with a twist

18 Dec 2008

Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony Gloat News

Nintendo sets a sales record

12 Dec 2008

Nintendo Rules America - Xbox Mauls PS3 News

Wii destroys the competition

12 Dec 2008

Xbox 360 Beats PS3's Black Friday News

Well, according to Microsoft...

02 Dec 2008

Sony America Bringing Dark Knight to PS3 News

The Batman movie, not a game, that is...

26 Nov 2008

Sony 'Clarifies' PSN's Xbox LIVE Catch-Up News

PS3's online offering hasn't caught Xbox 360's

24 Nov 2008

Sony Cancels PSP-3000 Media Pack News

Streamlining the range

28 Oct 2008

LittleBigPlanet More Launch Confusion News

Sony exec announces some pre-release releases

27 Oct 2008

Sony Promises SOCOM Trophies Will Come News

Sometime later...

20 Oct 2008

US Video Games Sales Suffer the "Halo 3 Effect" News

Last September aside, still a solid performance

17 Oct 2008

Sony Puts Videos on YouTube News

People go and look at them

15 Oct 2008

PlayStation 3 Firmware Update 2.50 Detailed News

Direct PSP access to PlayStation Store confirmed for US

13 Oct 2008

Sony's Tretton: We'll Meet 80-90% of PS3 Demand News

Sales up by 100%

02 Oct 2008

Shocking! USA Hardware Sales: Sony. Microsoft. Nintendo. Happy News

Perpetual motion achieved.

12 Sep 2008

MotorStorm Pacific Rift Dated - Not Yet for Europe News

Revving good times

11 Sep 2008

MotorStorm Pacific Rift: Pack Goes Wild News

See it here

10 Sep 2008

Confirmed: No UK Xbox 360 Price Cut News

US price drop won't be mirrored in Britain

04 Sep 2008

PlayStation 3 Downloads - Forget the Credit Card America! News

PlayStation Network Cards hit US retail

29 Aug 2008

PlayStation 3's Mystery Game Revealed News

Savage announcement

27 Aug 2008

What is the PSP 3001? News

New FCC filing found

14 Aug 2008

US PlayStation Blog Announces European Home Beta Plan News

North American Beta opens out with Theme.

08 Aug 2008

God of War Rocks LittleBigPlanet Look News

Plus: Nariko SackGirl!

06 Aug 2008

Promises Promises: PlayStation Life Slips into August News

DelayStation hits again

01 Aug 2008

FCC Report Reveals New WHDI PlayStation 3? News

New FCC listing spotted

28 Jul 2008

Official: Wii Best-Selling Console in US News

Plus: MGS4 Nearly Doubles US PS3 Sales

18 Jul 2008

Sony Unsurprised by Final Fantasy XIII Exclusivity Loss News

Sony points to end of the third-party exclusive

17 Jul 2008

Sony: Home 'Disconnected' by Business Minds News

Jack Tretton's backwards compatibility regret

17 Jul 2008

E3: PSP Resistance: Retribution - The Meat News

And pictures of the meat!

16 Jul 2008

UPDATE: PS3 Firmware Update v2.41 to be "Released Shortly" News

Little information but at least no more silence.

08 Jul 2008

PlayStation 3 Update Problems Still Seeking Solution News

No solution presented

03 Jul 2008

Hackers Crack Official PlayStation Site News

Careful where you put your mouse...

02 Jul 2008

PS3 Backwards Compatibility Boost in Firmware 2.40? News

Firmware v2.40 may include bonus feature

02 Jul 2008

Microsoft's Bach Tells PSP Tales News

What Microsoft can learn from Sony's handheld gaming device...

13 Jun 2008

Sony Versus Microsoft: Corporate Handbag Waving News

GTA IV again...

13 Jun 2008

US Hardware Sales and the Non-GTA IV Effect News

Still a rosy month for hardware

13 Jun 2008

Sony to Let Marketeers Tap-Into PlayStation 3 Users News

EA jumps on board

04 Jun 2008

Sony: US April Figures Show 410% PS3 Software Boost News

Hardware sales also take a leap

16 May 2008

USA Console Sales All Tumble in April News

GTA IV yet to take effect?

16 May 2008

Sony: Phil Harrison Replaced by Hirai Ally News

Kaz Hirai reunited with old colleague

16 May 2008

Microsoft: Xbox 360 has History on its Side News

Microsoft claims global leadership in console wars

15 May 2008

PS3 Update Won't Patch GTA IV News

Firmware update to address stability issues

15 May 2008

Stand Off! Microsoft vs Sony in GTA IV Sales Wars News

What the platform holders have to say

02 May 2008

God of War III to go Online? News

Mystery job posting suggests so...

30 Apr 2008

Xbox 360 Back Ahead of PS3 in March Stateside News

Sales take a leap

18 Apr 2008

MGS4 Gun Metal PS3 Confirmed for US News

Alas, that's the 'United States', not 'us'

11 Apr 2008

Sony Claims Microsoft Gave too Much too Soon News

Plus: platform holder teases about music and movie downloads

07 Apr 2008

PS3 Home - Public Beta Coming "Very Soon"? News

Scans say 'yes'

03 Apr 2008

Sony Blase in Face of GTA IV 360-Exclusive Content News

Marketing VP says gamers don't care

31 Mar 2008

Gran Turismo 5 Still a Year Away News

Sad eyes!

26 Mar 2008

PlayStation Store: US versus UK Updates News

Separated by a common language are we?

07 Mar 2008

Special Edition God of War PSP Revealed News

It's well red

26 Feb 2008

USA PS3 Metal Gear Solid Pack 'Some' Backwards Compatibility News

And DUALSHOCK 3 due in April

26 Feb 2008

US January Sales Down On Last Year News

PS3 outsells Xbox 360

15 Feb 2008

120GB PlayStation 3 to Replace 80Gb? News

Dual Shock incoming? Incredible confusion rules...

28 Jan 2008

Sony Defibrillates UMD News

MTV content heading to PSP

25 Jan 2008

US Console Figures: Nintendo and Microsoft Split Honours News

NPD figures are as expected.

18 Jan 2008

Sony PS3 has Killer Christmas News

Still outperformed by PS2

07 Jan 2008

Sony's Tretton: 160-Plus PS3 Games This Year!! News

Also claims you'll know if your format has failed in three years.

17 Dec 2007

Sony Claims Market Share From Nintendo News

NPD stats read differently... We love stats... don't you?

14 Dec 2007

Sony: We Underestimated PS3 Education Process News

Plus: more PSP multimedia features coming soon?

07 Dec 2007

UPDATED: Sony PSP Slim Gets Longer Life Battery Pack News

Or in other words - the one from last year's older, bigger, uglier model

28 Nov 2007

US PlayStation 3 Sales Triple Over Thanksgiving News

Black Friday is surprisingly bright for SCEA this year

27 Nov 2007

Price Cuts For EA Sports Games Pre- Xmas News

Analysts blaming PS2 sales.

14 Nov 2007

Sony Announces God Of War III for PlayStation 3 News

Almost by default

07 Nov 2007

Sony America's PR Head Turns Back To Booze News

Karraker goes to vodka maker

05 Sep 2007

PlayStation 3 Price Cuts Loom Again In US News

No more 60Gb units for sale after inventory sell-out

31 Aug 2007

New PlayStation 2 Announced News

SCEA to release ceramic white PS2 Singstar bundle

30 Aug 2007

SCEA: September a Bumper Month for PS3, PSP News

PSP 2000, Heavenly Sword, Warhawk, Lair and more on the way

24 Aug 2007

SCEE Founder On PlayStation 3 Failure Rates News

0.2% according to SCEE founder

15 Aug 2007

Sony Boss Wishes Peter Moore ‘The Best of Luck’ News

Of course he does

18 Jul 2007

Updated: E3: New Sony PSP Revealed! News

Lighter, slimmer PSP with video output to TV shown at Sony press conference

11 Jul 2007

UPDATED: Sony PS3's $100 Price Cut: Global? News

Leaked Circuit City ads indicate $100 off...

06 Jul 2007

SOCOM PS3: Not Possible On Any Other Console News

The wonders of a HDD according to Sony

04 Jul 2007

Sony Boss: We Don't Pay Bribes For Exclusives News

Wise words or vacuous PR nonsense?

04 Jul 2007

God of War Creator Leaving Sony? News

Jaffe rumoured to be starting new company

25 Jun 2007

Sony: "Studying" PlayStation3 Price Cut News

CEO studying price cut

15 Jun 2007

Sony: 100 PlayStation 3 Games By December 31st '07 News

Promises to announce New PS3 Games at E3

14 Jun 2007

Plausible Deniability: PSP Phone and Slim Remake News

On the official PlayStation blog no less

13 Jun 2007

Official PlayStation Blog Launches News

Not ‘semi’ official. Proper official.

12 Jun 2007

Staff Lay-offs at Sony in America News

Following recent spate of European staff cuts

06 Jun 2007

Sony Confirms PSP Store News

At long last...

17 May 2007

Warhawk PS3 On Blu-ray Disc After All News

As well as being available as a PSN download

17 May 2007

SCEA Boss: "We Have To Remember Why We Got Into The Business" News

Fighting talk from Jack Tretton following disappointing financial results

17 May 2007

Further Job Losses at Sony News

In America and Japan, apparently

26 Apr 2007

Sony's Just Doin' It For The Kids News

PSP targeted at younger audiences

05 Apr 2007

Sony: Microsoft Has 'Got' The Hardcore Gamer News

But "Every PlayStation 3 owner should have an 'elite' experience"

28 Mar 2007

Tretton: Sony (May Be) Ready To Rumble News

Sony exec hints at rumble

07 Mar 2007

Sony: There Are PS3 Shortages. We Will Resolve Them News

But what does 'shortage' mean?

28 Feb 2007

Sony Slashes Blu-ray Player Price - No More PS3 As Cheap Alternative News

$599 and sub-$500 by Christmas

27 Feb 2007

Nintendo of America - Shootings in PS3 Queues Apparently Amusing News

Reggie goes a bit 'Perrin'...

26 Feb 2007

PS3: The Return of the Rumble? News

Not according to Sony

01 Feb 2007

PS3 Gets Stuck Into Playboy Bunnies News

PS3 and Bunnies to have sexy night of it.

24 Jan 2007

Sony Chief: No PS3 Price Drop Before June 2008 News

PS3 ‘a lot more difficult to cost reduce’ than PS2

23 Jan 2007

Sony's SixAxis Zoolander Moment News

Forced to apologise for Emmy mix-up

11 Jan 2007

Sony’s Sixaxis Emmy Claims Flatly Denied News

National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences says so

10 Jan 2007

Gran Turismo HD Concept – Out Now, Details Inside News

Well, out in Japan and the US at least

02 Jan 2007

Price Drop For PS3 Games News

As US stores desperately hold on to units before New Year's Day.

29 Dec 2006

Sony PR Chief Says Wii is a Novelty News

Has this man played Zelda?

14 Dec 2006

PS3 Gold Rush: eBay Bans Sales News

Plus, more tales of GameStop woe

11 Oct 2006

Wii and PS3: US Launch Line-ups Detailed News

Smart Money pegs Need For Speed: Carbon as Christmas Number One.

10 Oct 2006

God of War designer “Lost Interest in the Genre” News

David Jaffe - Burnt out or fired up?

18 Jul 2006

Tokyo Taxman Chasing Sony Computer Entertainment News

Seems there are some ‘accounting errors’ to tune of $240 million.

30 Jun 2006

Sony Downplays Influence of GTA Series News

Loss of exclusivity not detrimental to PS3's success?

21 Jun 2006

Exclusive: PlayStation 3 to be E3 Rarity News

New console expected to be tightly controlled at show

10 Apr 2006

Sony slammed for graffiti’ing America News

Urban Nomadic Graffiti Art? Or Paid-For Vandalism?

29 Dec 2005

Drive Your Own Car in Gran Turismo News

Well, if you're American and you've got a really 'fat whip'. Dogs to compete for Best in Show

27 Oct 2005

Dead Pixel Issues Addressed by Sony News

Reluctant exchange program in place.

29 Mar 2005

Finalised US PSP launch line-up announced News

Games considerably less than expected

04 Feb 2005

PSP priced and dated Stateside News

Screen of glory – Waiting nearly up

03 Feb 2005

SCEA confirms memory card wipe glitch News

Demo disc pain Stateside

27 Nov 2004

SCEA confirms PSP games will be region-free News

Regional-lock not to be used for games

28 Oct 2004

PSP US Launch Still in Danger of Delay? News

Activision talks of June '05 release.

19 Aug 2004

SCEA Tees Off for Jak Versus Ratchet Golf Competition News

Hot Shots Golf Fore celebrity pro-am tourney.

12 Jul 2004

Exclusive: SNK Executives on Japanese Arcade Industry and the Problems with Sony America News

As global franchise roll-out looms, seminal developer talks.

08 Jul 2004

Sony Computer Entertainment America blames broadband pricing on PS2's 10% online uptake News

Kazuo Hirai calls for online console rethink

24 Jun 2004

SCEA Lends Support to Hip Hop Summit Action Network News

Sony's benevolent socio-political service or thinly-veiled branding exercise?

15 Jun 2004

Sega AGES Re-shuffled News

Last minute content re-think.

28 May 2004

E3 Round-up: West Hall uncovered: Nintendo genius overpowers Sony News

Hardware dominated, Nintendo Sony contrast unmissable to all

13 May 2004

New PS2 Storage Medium? News

Alternative to HDD suggested.

13 May 2004

Denied! No Gran Turismo 4 Prologue in the US News

US gamers miss Polyphony filler.

23 Mar 2004

Polyphony Fails to Deliver as Gran Turismo 4 Slides Yet Again! News

Ongoing online issues blighting biggest game ever.

20 Feb 2004

Usual Suspects Rolled Out for E3 Speeches News

Lanning and Molyneux feature.

13 Jan 2004

PlayStation 2 hard drive details revealed News

Pre-installed FFXI, jukebox and photo editor…

18 Sep 2003

Jet Moto 4 canned News

Future racer plug pulled.

20 Mar 2003

American PlayStation 2 broadband strategy revealed News

Full details inside

08 Mar 2002

Sony to launch on-line PlayStation 2 in the US today News

Poised to steal Xbox thunder? Meeting promises a glimpse of the future!

07 Mar 2002

Columbine games lawsuit thrown out of court News

Games companies not to blame for shootings

07 Mar 2002

Cynical Sony to halt third-party Memory Card production News

Now that early issues are resolved, SCE revokes lucrative PS2 licensing

02 Jan 2002

Sony and AOL ink deal for PlayStation 2 News

Muscling up for the future with SCE

13 Nov 2001

Yanks for Linux Sony! News

Linux PS2 kit available in the States as Europe waits

25 Oct 2001

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