Revealed: Sony Rejects PlayStation 2 SNK Offerings ? Samurai Spirits and Metal Slug in Doubt

Insiders foretell of extended SNK agonies.

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Vintage Metal Slug
Vintage Metal Slug
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According to highly-placed sources within SNK Playmore and Sony Computer Entertainment America, two highly anticipated SNK games may never come to market, having failed the stringent QA process at the stage of alpha submission.

Metal Slug 3 has been rejected outright and will not see the light of day on the PlayStation 2. We do not know exact reasons as to why this has happened at this point in time.

And there is more bad news. Samurai Spirits 5 may also fail the submission process and rattle the garbage can, again at alpha stage. At present, Sony sources are hinting that SS5 may well be able to pass, though significant graphical improvements will be required, as well as a review of the game?s marketing budget.

We?ll bring you updates on this story in the coming days.


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