Video: Sony's Tretton "Price Doesn't Kill a Platform"

PSP Go anyone?

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Video: Sony's Tretton "Price Doesn't Kill a Platform"
Sony Computer Entertainment in America's headman, Jack Tretton has been selling his wares to Fast Company magazine. With the failed PSP Go still haunting dreams as the NGP looms, Jack talks about, among otjher things, price.

"People are used to spending several hundreds of dollars to get a portable device. I think in the long run, when you look at that total investment in a platform, the amount of money you spend on the hardware is a relatively small percentage of the total investment," he says.

"It's not to say the price of the platform isn't a consideration, but I don't think price makes or kills a platform. Something that's lousy, that's very inexpensive, is not going to be successful, and something that's pricey will ultimately find its audience if there's enough value there."



Cfan 6 Apr 2011 13:06
Yeah, thats why you dropped PS3 prices and cut things out of them to regain a profit. what era are you living in?
That's exactly what stopped me getting a day one PS3....
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