Sony: Physical Games Will Be Around Longer Than People Think

Most people still prefer retail

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Sony: Physical Games Will Be Around Longer Than People Think
In the midst of expectations that physical games discs are not long for this world, Sony seems to reckon they will be with us for longer than many of us think.

Speaking with Games Industry Guy Longworth, Sony's senior VP in charge of PlayStation marketing for SCEA said, "What we try to do is offer a relatively level playing field and let the gamers decide. We're not trying to advantage them, we believe in consumer choice.

"It's clear that the vast majority of the people want to go down to GameStop or Best Buy, they don't want to buy it online right now. How that might change in the future is kind of hard to predict. People might be quite surprised, I think physical games will be around a lot longer than some people think."

While Sony might talk up a "level playing field", games getting a retail release have been known to turn up on PSN priced significantly higher than their physical counterparts. It may be that we'll soon be seeing an end to that.

Longworth also talked up the compatibility between the Vita and PS4, hinting that there will be more announcements related to the handheld in the coming months.


Daz 25 Jun 2013 10:49
I'm still not sure why the games are upto 20 more on PSN, they don't have to print box art, they don't have to make a box, they don't have to print a disc, they don't have to pay distribution costs and there's no "loss" due to resell. Until they fix that Physical will always win for me, plus at some online stores Pre-Orders tend to show up a day early, I doubt you get that with digital.
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