Caught on Film: Inside Sony's New PlayStation HQ

Jack Tretton talks food and gyms and multi-million dollar buildings

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Caught on Film: Inside Sony's New PlayStation HQ
Sony in the USA has been showing off its awesome expensive new 450,000 square feet 'pad' as we're certain the management refer to it in that 'cool in 1973' way.

So, yup, pre-PS4 launch we can now see the Sony Computer Entertainment America hHQ in Silicon Valley where some 2,000 employees labour away for your entertainment. President of SCEA, Jack Tretton, is our host in the following video as he guides us round the fun campus. And remember Jack's words of motivational advice:

"If you give people great food, they?re healthier. If you give them an opportunity to exercise they?re healthier, they?re more productive. They?re happier, they actually end up producing better for you."



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