Sony CEO: Pre-Owned Games 'Great for Consumers'

Sony lawyers currently crying their eyes out

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Yeah, thanks for that one Mikey.
Yeah, thanks for that one Mikey.
Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO Jack Tretton - despite what his lawyers and bosse in Japan are now pointing out to him regarding PROFITS!!! - doesn't think that pre-owned video games are necessarily a bad thing.

Jack was expressing his *own* opinion on the state of the industry when speaking - apparently to Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter who in turn explained to Bonus Round on the ever-analytical and critical GameTrailers site the following:

"Pachter explained that he had directly asked Tretton if the rumors were true. The exec apparently replied that he was “opposed to blocking used games”, stating that they were “great for consumers” and that it would be “anti-consumer” to block them."

Jack also, apparently told Michael that "this was just his view and that “Japan might think something different.”

Source: Bonus Round via Thatvideogameblog


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