Sony Promises SOCOM Trophies Will Come

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Sony Promises SOCOM Trophies Will Come
You might have thought that the inner glow and sense of achievement you get from a job well done would be enough. But in the this age of, well, showing off, that's not the case. So, the news of SOCOM Confrontation's lack of Trophy support at launch caused some deflated gamer egos.

Deflated gamer egos always results in "hating on" things as well as "all crying all about" those same things. This always results on healthy debate in which one person posts "stop crying all about it" and someone else chips in with "Yeh, n00b, stop hating on SOCOM".

In order to cut this kind of inane mindless chatter off at the throat, SCEA's Jennifer Clark - a senior PR manager - has announced that, "The trophies will become available via patch in the coming weeks".

That's a relief then. Until the undefined Trophy release date, however, it's advisable for gamers to not 'hate on' the game.

Source: PS3 Fanboy


HyperTails 20 Oct 2008 10:51
I'm looking forward to this game but even though i'm dissapointed there's no trophies at launch, its good that they will be patching them. Let's just hope it doesn't take too long.
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