Tretton on PS4 Shortages: 'No, Sell it, I'll Get one Later'

Sony's US PlayStation boss talks supply and demand

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Tretton on PS4 Shortages: 'No, Sell it, I'll Get one Later'
Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO Jack Tretton feels the pain of the poor PlayStation 4-less masses. So much so, that he says he forewent his console to keep more stock in the channel.

"It breaks my heart if somebody's got $400 in hand and they want a PS4 but we can't sell them one," Tretton said in a recent PlayStation Blogcast. "To that point, I don't have one yet. I'm like, 'no, sell it, I'll get one later."

It's a little difficult to tell from the recording just how serious Tretton is being, but a little earlier in the recording he does seem to be taking the matter of PS4 shortages seriously. He also seems to be putting a strong case against the argument made that platform holders willfully create hardware shortages to drive up hype.

"People say, 'boy, you sold a million units on November 15th, where's the next million units for November 16th," Tretton said.

"It took us months to accumulate those million units to have them ready on November 15th. Once those were all sold, we're producing as many as we can on a daily, weekly, monthly basis and we're bringing them to market to try to satisfy demand. But we had multiple months of production time leading up to making the first units available and now they're going out the door as quickly as they come in."

By way of example Amazon, he said, received 12,000 units a week prior to the recording and sold out in 27 minutes.

You can get the full interview over on the PlayStation Blog.


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