Sony Offers ModNation Racers Beta To American Gamers

Posted by Staff
Sony Offers ModNation Racers Beta To American Gamers
United Front?s karting game, ModNation Racers, is getting an online Beta for American PSN users wanting an early look at the next title in the ?Play. Create. Share? series.

Apparently, registering on the ModNation Racers website between (or before) 3rd - 13th December will give you a chance to win a code to download the Beta when it hits on the 17th. It?s a lucky dip though, so it doesn?t matter when you register as it?ll all be random selection anyway.

If one can?t be bothered to faff with website registration, there are some other ways to get in. Marked copies of LittleBigPlanet: Game of the Year Edition will contain Beta vouchers, and subscribers to the US PSN video show, Qore, will also get a code.

Unfortunately, nothing for us European gamers. Bah. Hopefully SCEE will offer this in due time as well.


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