SCEA confirms memory card wipe glitch

Demo disc pain Stateside

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SCEA confirms memory card wipe glitch
SCEA has confirmed that certain versions of its recently-released Holiday 2004 Demo Disc have the ability to completely erase all data stored on the PlayStation 2 Memory Card in what has been something of a disastrous episode of late.

The disc, doled out free to members of the PlayStation 2 fan club in the US, had a rogue demo of Viewtiful Joe 2 included which removed all memory from the cards without offering any kind of warning.

Sony has apologised to its community for the blunder and stated that if the Memory Cards are removed from the system, the demo can still be used. Which we imagine, will be scant consolation to those missing Gran Turismo, Madden, Final Fantasy and San Andreas saves?



ryohazuki-san 30 Nov 2004 12:19
Deadly Demo Discs?! Wonder if someone at SCEA's playing an early April fools prank or something. Thank goodness we still have our memory cards intact. :p
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