gamescom 2012 Awards for Unreleased Games on Wrong Platform

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gamescom 2012 Awards for Unreleased Games on Wrong Platform
"They are the most coveted prizes in the European games industry and an accolade for outstanding software and hardware: the gamescom awards," says the blurb. Equally, they are awards given to unreleased, unreviewed things voted on largely by the folks who make them. Yes, it's the annual gong giving.

The most hilarious winner this time is probably "Best Console Game - Wii - Rayman Legends". Not only isn't the game out, we don't even have a release date for the platform it's out on (Wii U) which is not even the platform it has won on.

Basically, on the one hand your games media is warned and warned again that if we review unfinished games - games that do not come with the words "Review Copy" on or are not retail packaged - then we're being unfair and probably restraining trade.

When it comes to giving awards for Best Game however, it's fine to assess unfinished titles. So, the winners are:

Best Console Game PS3 - Dishonored - Bethesda (out 12th October)
Best Console Game - Wii - Rayman Legends - Ubisoft - (out, well, we don't know given that there isn't even a proper release date for Wii U)
Best Console Game Xbox 360 - Dishonored - Bethesda
Best Family Game - Rayman Legends - Ubisoft
Best Hardware incl. Peripheral - Wonderbook: The Book of Spells - Sony Computer Entertainment
Best Mobile Game - LittleBigPlanet - PlayStation Vita - Sony Computer Entertainment
Best Online Multiplayer Game - Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Activision Blizzard (out on 13th November)
Best PC Game - SimCity - Electronic Arts (not even out this year)
Best Social/Casual/Online Game - Warface - Crytek
Best of gamescom - Dishonored ? Bethesda


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