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Full name: Atari, Inc.
Established: 1971

Founded in 1971 by the legendary Nolan Bushnell, Atari published the phenominally successful arcade title Pong in 1972. In 1976 Warner Brothers acquired Bushnell's share of the outfit for a massive 28 million US dollars. Warner, creating two separate entities, sold the home computer division, Atari Corp., to Commodore founder Jack Tramiel in 1984, retaining right to the Atari Games arcade division.

1985 saw Japanese arcade giant Namco acquire a controlling share in Atari Games, a share that was bought back by Atari Games employees the next year.

In 1993 Warner chose to rebrand its Atari Games division to Time Warner Interactive. Within three years the company sold its Atari Games division to WMS, owners of Midway and Bally/Midway. In the same year Tramiel's struggling Atari Corp. joined with hard drive manufacturer JTS and, within a year, was closed completely.

One year on, in 1998, JTS sold its Atari Corp. assets to Hasbro for just five million US dollars. Aiming to avoid confusion with the newly resurrected Atari brand, Midway chose to rename Atari Games to Midway Games West.

By 2000 Hasbro Interactive found itself struggling, saved only when French videogame publisher giant Infogrames acquired the company, Atari brand and all.

2001 marked a sad point in Atari's history. Midway, owners of the Atari Games brand, made the decision to step out of the arcade business. As the only arcade manufacturer holding the Atari name, the decision ended Atari's involvement in the arcade industry. Indeed, it marked the end of the Midway and Bally Midway arcade legends.

Two years later, Midway closed its Midway Games West studio. The studio, formerly known as Atari Games, signed the end of Atari's involvement in the home video game industry.

For three months the Atari name ceased to feature on the video game landscape. However, in May 2003 Infogrames announced that its key titles would be published by Atari, Inc., resurrecting the historic brand

The Atari name and famous logo soon became Infogrames' primary publishing outfit, covering everything from triple-A to minor releases. For some years the new Atari enjoyed big hits with titles such as Driver and Dragonball Z, but in 2006 the company's financial reports showed things were far from rosy. In May the company sold the Stuntman property rights to rival THQ, and the following month announced staggering losses of 67 million US dollars. Within weeks Atari sold the licence for Driver and the franchise's developer Reflection to Ubisoft, securing a reported $24m.

Things fared no better into 2007. In April 20% of the workforce was laid off, in July NASDAQ threatened to de-list the company on the stock exchange and in October parent Infogrames axed five of Atari's board members.

In the November of 2007 Atari's Board announced “substantial doubt about our ability to continue as a going concern”, along with news that Dragon Ball Z owner FUNimation wished to terminate its licence with Atari.

Its future continued to look uncertain in 2008 with parent Infogrames changing its top brass, as CFO Yves Hannebelle and CEO Patrick Leleuat were replaced. Its key triple-A title, Alone In The Dark, suffered repeated slippages, and the company struggled to grapple with the hardcore vs. casual market and flip-flopped over its stance on online vs. single-player.

A ray of hope shone in the late summer of 2008, however, as Namco Bandai acquired a third of Infogrames' distribution business and a "strategic partnership". The deal included an option on the purchase of the remaining stock, leading to speculation of a buy out.

This saw fruit in 2009 when Namco Bandai acquired Infogrames' Atari titles and offices across the European, Asian, New Zealand and Australian (PAL) territories. The fruit was not to sport the famous triple striped logo or Atari name, but instead the somewhat bland moniker "Namco Bandai Partners".

What remained of the Atari brand was now solely within the US, as Atari, Inc.

With weeks, however, Infogrames SA announced it would coalesce the two brands, Infogrames and Atari, as Atari SA. Based in Paris, the holding company would serve as the head quarters for the remaining Infogrames subsidiaries, including Atari, Inc. The vision was to focus on digital projects.

An old friend returned to the company in 2010, with the appointment of founder Nolan Bushnell in the role of strategic planning. Later that year, former Disney man Alex Chung joined, taking responsibility of PC and casual games distribution across the US, cementing the company's vision in the online, casual and digital market, as opposed to boxed products.

Another year and another CEO. 2011 saw former boss Jeff Lapin depart, to be replaced by deputy Jim Wilson.

Following a disturbingly quiet 2012, Atari, Inc., the US based subsidiary, filed for Chapter 11. This was reported as bid to break away from its French parent, Atari SA, and its growing debts.

Software Highlights from Credited Titles

Atari's first work that SPOnG is aware of is the 1972 title, "Pong" (Arcade).

The company has been involved titles released on the PS4, Xbox One, PC, 3DS/2DS, Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, DS/DSi, PS2, Power Mac, PSP, Xbox, GameCube, GBA, N-Gage, PlayStation, Arcade, Dreamcast, Nuon, Saturn, Jaguar, SNES, ST, Mac, Lynx, C64, Vic-20, Spectrum 48K, Sinclair Spectrum 128K, Amstrad CPC, TI99, Atari 7800, Atari 5200, Atari 400/800/XL/XE, Atari 2600/VCS, Intellivision and Colecovision. Of these, "Sonic Adventure 2" (GameCube), "Rollercoaster Tycoon 3" (PC), "Sonic Mega Collection" (GameCube), "Enter the Matrix" (GameCube), "Driv3r" (PS2) has been a best selling title.

The company's most recent involvement was on the 2019 release "Tempest 4000" (Xbox One).

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23 May 2013

Atari Founder: Mobile's Dominance is Over, Google Glass is Gaming Future News

Oculus Rift will also be where developers will head to next.

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Atari's US Operation Files for Bankruptcy News

Escape from the parents!

21 Jan 2013

Bushnell 'Baffled' by Wii U - "I Don't Think It's Going to Be a Success" News

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26 Nov 2012

100 Atari Classics on IOS Nibble

07 Apr 2011

Test Drive Unlimited 2 Xbox 360 Patch Delayed Again News

Some issues need resolving

15 Mar 2011

Atari Reveals New Yars' Revenge News

Doesn't look much like the old Yars' Revenge.

25 Feb 2011

Test Drive Unlimited 2 DLC is Free News

Mostly as an apology

23 Feb 2011

UK Video Game Chart: Black Ops Returns to Top Spot News

Fights Marvel vs Capcom 3 for #1 position.

21 Feb 2011

Atari Gets a New CEO Nibble

04 Jan 2011

Atari Hopes Alex Chung will Stop the Old Onion Smell News

Moves into position as digital strategy boss

22 Sep 2010

New Neverwinter Coming 2011 News

Co-op role-player

23 Aug 2010

Test Drive Unlimited 2 Avoiding GT5 Release Clash News

Making the game better etc.

12 Aug 2010

Lapin: Atari Was Like "An Old Onion That Smells Really Bad" News

But things are turning around

03 Aug 2010

Enslaved in a Video - Sexy? News

Post Apocalyptic dystopian what now?

08 Jun 2010

Atari: Harrison Out but Bushnell Returns News

More changes at Atari following ex-EA online man's appointment but Gardner goes too.

20 Apr 2010

1982 Asteroids World Record Destroyed News

And it only took 58 hours.

07 Apr 2010

Nolan Bushnell: I Paved The Way For Bill Gates News

Also: did you know Pong liberated women?

24 Dec 2009

Atari CEO Gardner in COO Coup News

All change at the top of Atari again

14 Dec 2009

UK Games Charts - Football Manager Manages the Win News

Week 44 and the charts go serious

02 Nov 2009

Marc Ecko "Atari Sh*t the Bed" News

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09 Oct 2009

Atari: Dungeons & Dragons Legal Action 'Frivolous' News

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04 Sep 2009

Sony Europe Paid for Atari's US Growth News

Who you gonna call? Sony!

28 Jul 2009

More Atari Fallout with Cryptic Delay? News

Champions Online pushed back

19 May 2009

Atari to Become USA-Only Brand News

Namco Bandai to take European operation

14 May 2009

Atari No Show-Off at E3 News

Will attend, won't show.

13 May 2009

Sony Grabs Ghostbusters for Timed Exclusive News

Sony grabs from Atari so game coincides with Blu-ray movie release

06 May 2009

The UK Games Charts: Wolverine Not that Fit News

Nintendo takes another week at the top

05 May 2009

Katamari Forever Rolling Onto European PS3s News

Details here

30 Apr 2009

Atari Brings Dr Kawashima to PC News

Coming in May

28 Apr 2009

UK Games Industry Loses the Plot News

Major figures - and minor ones - in boyband video

28 Apr 2009

UK Games Charts: Wii Fitter than Riddick News

Nintendo heading for Charts record?

27 Apr 2009

Tales of Vesperia Hitting Europe Soon News

Japanese hit three months away

25 Mar 2009

Official Change4Life Supporter and the Game Controller News

But one company can stop you video gaming death

10 Mar 2009

Chronicles of Riddick: Friday Arvo Hunting Trailer News

Explody things galore

20 Feb 2009

Tekken 6 - New Screens News

Huge bloke beats up small girl.

05 Feb 2009

Atari Shows It's Ready 2 Rumble News

New video here

03 Feb 2009

Race Pro: UK Release Slip News

USA still going 17th Feb

26 Jan 2009

Obama Team: From Xbox to Atari News

Windows not Macs... it's a nightmare for Obama team.

22 Jan 2009

Atari: Chronicles of Riddick Not a Remake News

Plus: new video right here

22 Jan 2009

Ghostbusters: Attack of the Green Spooge News

New screens!

22 Jan 2009

Riddick Dark Athena Visuals Revealed News

They even look as if you could buy them at Athena

22 Dec 2008

Atari gets Cryptic about Star Trek News

Star Trek Online maker gets Frenched

09 Dec 2008

Namco Bandai Surges Westward News

Japanese publisher takes aim at mature audience

05 Dec 2008

Atari Games News Blitz! News

New Mizuguchi game, Tekken 6, Ready 2 Rumble and more...

03 Dec 2008

Atari Still Loves Shops News

Publisher plans to drive high street retail sales

03 Dec 2008

Atari Ditches Anti-Piracy Lawyers News

Lawyers used 'nuts and sledgehammer' tactics

28 Nov 2008

RACE Pro's Road America Detailed News

New video and screens!

28 Nov 2008

DiCaprio Draws Atari Legacy from Secret Cave Stash News

Atari film pushes retro games

24 Nov 2008

Atari Confirms Dan Aykroyd's Leak News

Who you gonna call? Not Sierra. Yes, Phil Harrison.

07 Nov 2008

Atari Gets its Wires Crossed with Pirate Threats News

Send lawyers into menace Scots folk.

30 Oct 2008

Another Activision Title Moves to Atari News

Another chapter opens for The Chronicles of Riddick

30 Oct 2008

Ghostbusters Coming from Atari News

Next year

15 Oct 2008

The UK Charts: Batman Kicks off Against FIFA 09 News

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14 Oct 2008

Afro Samurai: Face-Splitting Screens News

See them here

13 Oct 2008

Eternal Sonata Hitting PS3 in Europe Next Year News

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06 Oct 2008

UK Video Game Top 10: Pure Joy Forces its Way In News

EA loses its footing

30 Sep 2008

ELSPA: Atari Online Strategy Supports PEGI News

UK games body gives Europeans ratings system another push

22 Sep 2008

Namco Bandai Lining up Infogrames Purchase? News

Companies form 'strategic partnership'

09 Sep 2008

Phil Harrison Watch: Another Sony Exec Leaps to Atari News

Phil Harrison's charisma at work?

08 Sep 2008

Five 'Top' Publishers Crack Down on Piracy News

Single mother ordered to pay up

20 Aug 2008

Atari Fires up RACE Pro - Xbox 360 Exclusive News

This is not a GTR game!

11 Jul 2008

Atari: We Are Not Sueing Over Alone in the Dark News

That is apparently that...

25 Jun 2008

SecuROM Hobbled in BioShock - Confirmed for Alone in the Dark News

Make your minds up PC publishers!

20 Jun 2008

Alone in the Dark: Developers Talk News

New video right here

16 Jun 2008

Alone in the Dark: Good as Gold News

All but PS3 versions now on their marks

09 Jun 2008

My Horse & Me 2 Trots Onto Multiple Platforms News

Atari's equine series canters on

05 Jun 2008

Alone in the Dark Gets Closer: Screen Evidence News

Fiery, freaky strangeness ahoy!

02 Jun 2008

Atari's Harrison U-Turns on Single-Player Games News

Now they're "relevant going forward"

27 May 2008

Phil Harrison: No More Single-Player Games from Atari News

The industry is changing says Phil

23 May 2008

Alone in The Dark - Frankly Scary Game Play Trailers News

Zombie attack music ahoy!

14 May 2008

Wii Fit Challenged by Atari: Screens News

Fun for most of the family

14 May 2008

Atari's Parent Company Infogrames Gets New CFO News

More movement in Infogrames management

06 May 2008

Infogrames Finally Buys Atari News

Yes... we thought it already had.

01 May 2008

Atari's Alone in the Dark Delayed News

A dab of polish being applied

03 Apr 2008

Atari Grabs Another Sony Exec News

Jim Wilson heads to troubled publisher from Sony BMG

01 Apr 2008

Phil Harrison Confirmed as Atari President News

Former Sony PlayStation executive goes French.

04 Mar 2008

Atari: We're Terrorists News

Also, it is not a people trafficker...

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Art Thief Gets Legendary News

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Alone in the Dark: New Physics Video Inside News

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18 Feb 2008

Infogrames CEO Departs News

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01 Feb 2008

Don't Wander The Park Alone News

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22 Jan 2008

Infogrames : We are NOT a Major News

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17 Jan 2008

Atari Licenses Test Drive - Bags $5 Million News

Restructuring in the works

14 Nov 2007

At Last: Last Starfighter Game Finished News

One Gunstar? Against the whole Armada? It'll be a slaughter!

09 Nov 2007

Atari Doubts It Can Continue News

Could also lose Dragon Ball Z...

07 Nov 2007

Alone In The Dark In Central Park - Video Inside News

New reasons to not go jogging alone at night

31 Oct 2007

Eternal Sonata: Inspirational New Video News

Hey dentists! Don't commit suicide!

23 Oct 2007

Atari’s The Witcher – Latest Trailer From The Middle Ages News

RPG fans worldwide cheer in unison

17 Oct 2007

Atari Shareholders Attack Infogrames News

Apparently Atari is there to make money?

16 Oct 2007

My Horse And Me: Equine New Artwork News

How to avoid leaving your local game retailer this Greedmas

16 Oct 2007

Atari Board Restructured News

Restructuring officer named

15 Oct 2007

Eternal Sonata: Spirited New Video News

Chopin gets dreamy

11 Oct 2007

Five Atari Board Members On Chopping Block News

Infrogrames steps in

08 Oct 2007

The Atari 2600 Is Thirty - Happy Birthday Videogames News

PlayStation's Great-Great-Grandad

03 Oct 2007

The Witcher Gets Medieval On Our Ass – New Video News

Medieval monster hunting - new screens inside

01 Oct 2007

RACE 07- New Panoramic Screenshots News

Taken from exclusive city tracks Pau, Porto and Macau

27 Sep 2007

Unleash Your Inner Picasso With Atari’s Paint by DS News

Or just stick to drawing cocks in Pictochat. Your call.

18 Sep 2007

The Witcher: Non-Dystopian Video Inside News

Atari gets medieval

11 Sep 2007

Atari Close To NASDAQ Delisting? News

NASDAQ slaps wrist again

20 Aug 2007

More Details On The London Games Festival Emerge News

Events and sponsors revealed

08 Aug 2007

Atari Announces Leipzig Full Lineup News

Shake a stick at the Games Convention, you'll hit something from Atari

03 Aug 2007

Atari Faces Stock Market Delisting News

Paperwork not in order. NASDAQ frowns.

23 Jul 2007

Wii Fitness Board: 25 Years In The Making News

Everything old is new again

16 Jul 2007

Online Wii For Dragon Ball Z News

PS2 version to get 'Disc Fusion System'

13 Jul 2007

Atari Brings Jenga To Wii And DS News

Worst idea ever? Or ‘just might work’?

08 Jul 2007

Dragon Ball Z: Feisty New Artwork News

Trunks in videogames: the way forward

04 Jul 2007

Missile Command Launches Onto Xbox Live News

Will it track spherically?

04 Jul 2007

Atari To Declare Huge Financial Loss News

Good will does impair!

03 Jul 2007

Atari On Girls: Horses For Courses News

Will girls get horsey with it?

28 Jun 2007

Dragon Ball Z: Blow By Blow Screens News

Not a pant in sight

25 Jun 2007

60 Year Old Man Can't Sell Atari History News

Historic Mario and Kong images remain unsold

22 Jun 2007

Take2: Next-Gen Dev Costs Mean Job Losses News

Next-gen development costs cited

15 Jun 2007

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi Wii-bound News

And PS2 bound, later this year

08 Jun 2007

'N+' Ninja Flash Game Ported to DS and PSP News

Download the PC version right here for a taster

05 Jun 2007

Wii Exclusive Naruto Ninja Game Detailed News

Latest on D3 Publisher’s Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution

04 Jun 2007

Mercury Meltdown Revolution – Finally Out in June News

One of Wii’s surprise big hitters for summer

11 May 2007

Sleepers Author Writing New Alone in the Dark News

Atari’s banking on this one. Literally.

10 May 2007

Atari To Chop 20% Of Workforce News

Details sketchy...

02 May 2007

Xbox Live: Triple Threat Tomorrow News

Two of them involve bugs

01 May 2007

The All-New Slimmed-Down E3: Exhibitors Listed News

‘The skinny’ on the, err, skinny E3 right here

23 Apr 2007

PlayStation 2: Metal Slug Anthology Screens Here News

Apparently it's a benchmark for purity...

13 Apr 2007

Mercury Meltdown Team Gets Swallowed News

Mercury Meltdown Wii still due out at Easter

12 Mar 2007

Test Drive: Unlimited - New PSP Trailer News

Brand new look at the PSP racer... brake like the wind!

23 Feb 2007

Leading Urban Fashion Guru Opens Game Company News

Mark Ecko Entertainment – 'down wid da yout'.

15 Feb 2007

Arthur and the Invisibles – the new Harry Potter? News

Atari game of Luc Besson’s kids movie surprisingly good

26 Jan 2007

One Day To Go For Atari? News

Only if single shareholder sells…

17 Jan 2007

Mizuguchi's Gunpey on Euro Handhelds in March News

Music, puzzles, exploding blocks!

11 Jan 2007

Atari Splits News

…its shares in an attempt to keep its exchange listing.

04 Jan 2007

SPOnG 2006 Poll – Atari, Joytech, Rising Star Games News

The return of Big Boy Barry!

28 Dec 2006

Free Seven-Day Trial Of Stormreach with Store-Bought Neverwinter Nights 2 News

Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach gets additional module: Demon Sands. Available for free trial off the back of Neverwinter purchase.

30 Oct 2006

Atari Flogs Shiny to Foundation 9 News

Studio to work on major Hollywood tie-in.

03 Oct 2006

Mercury Meltdown Remix - Blobs Onto PS2 News

Get your blob on. Don't eat it though. Obviously.

18 Sep 2006

The Charts: Three 360 Exclusives in Top Five News

Record market share for Microsoft's next-gen console.

12 Sep 2006

Infogrames' Shares Suspended News

Trouble at t'mill for Atari's parent

11 Sep 2006

Neo-Apocalyptic Action from Atari News

Publisher announces Bullet Witch for Europe.

10 Aug 2006

Shock as Atari Hawks Driver Rights to Ubisoft News

Reflections in the hat too

14 Jul 2006

Lightgun Game on a DS. No Gun Included News

Point Blank DS – first screens inside.

04 Jul 2006

Atari Loses 67 Million Dollars News

Finger points to poor sales and next-gen transition

15 Jun 2006

Day One In The E3 House News

All the best of the things we've managed to find time to see.

10 May 2006

FIFA World Cup from EA Sports Still UK’s Top Game News

It’s this week’s charts!

08 May 2006

Atari’s E3 Line-up News

M.O.O.R. and other new genres invented.

05 May 2006

Atari Announces Microgame Anarchy for PSP News

HOT PXL jumps on Wario bandwagon.

26 Apr 2006

Atari’s Test Drive Unlimited – Aston Martins Unveiled News

Pretend to be James Bond. Along with 100,000 others.

03 Apr 2006

UK Charts: EA dominates News

Multinational conglomerate keeps it street

07 Mar 2006

Driver: Parallel Lines – Exclusive Public Enemy Tune News

Plus exclusive from Grandmaster Flash and more.

06 Mar 2006

Dave Perry walks: Atari's Shiny gloss stripped News

Buyer sought for studio

20 Feb 2006

Atari Mocks Latest Reactionary Australian Game Ban News

Says banning games like burning books

17 Feb 2006

Australia bans Marc Ecko’s Getting Up News

Atari 'Under Pressure' - graffiti game banned down under.

15 Feb 2006

Atari on verge of bankruptcy News

Substantial doubt over future of legendary brand

13 Feb 2006

Atari unleashes Driver: Parallel Lines website News

Pleasingly seventies vibe suggests good form

23 Jan 2006

Politicians and Anti-Graffiti Campaigners Slam Atari News

Storm in Teacup Ensues

17 Jan 2006

Tycoon Man Sues Atari – Calls For Full Audit News

Then goes on the missing list.

11 Nov 2005

Stuntman Sequel for PlayStation 3 News

So that’s… great…?

19 Sep 2005

Atari CEO Resigns After Only Eight Months News

Bonnell to take rightful place.

08 Jun 2005

Saint Seiya Cult Anime Comes to PS2 News

Brand new screens revealed.

23 Mar 2005

French Government Set For Fresh Domestic Industry Bailout – Key Issue Not Addressed News

Chirac poised to funnel in cash – EU row looms.

06 Jan 2005

Long-expected Atari Crisis Poised to Bite News

Bonnell promises mass executive departures if debt plan rejected.

05 Jan 2005

New Atari Console Emerges! News

Slightly misleading headline - you know you have to click!

23 Dec 2004

Atari Revisits its Heyday - Flashback Console and Atari Anthology Revealed News

More golden oldies back on the shelves

08 Sep 2004

Sid Meier’s Pirates! Go Live! on Xbox! News

Buccaneering strategy heading to console.

16 Aug 2004

Ban these criminal-damage-inspiring games! Contents Under Pressure revealed News

Marc Ecko, Atari and The Collective's graff 'em up revealed.

13 Aug 2004

Obsidian to develop ex-Bioware RPG - Neverwinter Nights 2 confirmed News

KOTOR 2 developers begin work on D&D Universe.

05 Aug 2004

Atari snatches final opportunity to cash in on Unreal franchise News

Unreal Tournament 2004 Editor’s Choice Edition squeezed out before Christmas.

30 Jul 2004

DRIV3R review cheat scandal takes a twist News

Future Publishing makes aggressive move on its own forum

26 Jul 2004

UK Charts: Spider-man Hangs in at the Top, EA gets Cheap News

Spidey breaks sales record as summer gaming famine deepens.

20 Jul 2004

UK Charts: Spider senses a-tingling News

Bad news for Atari as Tanner takes a tanning from the webbed wonder.

13 Jul 2004

UK Charts: Grecian 2004 - for men News

Olympic fever sets in. DRIV3R sits tight.

06 Jul 2004

Driver free-wheels towards cin3mas: movi3 details unleashed News

Another game-to-movie tie-in from Constantin Films.

02 Jul 2004

UK Charts: Where's DRIV3R? News

At number one, duh!

29 Jun 2004

Atari on the brink: DRIV3R review scandal hits as massive shipment announced News

Pivotal title dragged through the dirt: Must win for Atari

25 Jun 2004

UK Charts see Driv3r jump the gun News

Sales figures tell of naughty retailers. Sam gives Harry the good news.

21 Jun 2004

Landmark Case to see Games Companies Take on DVD Software Developers News

Games X Copy does exactly what it says on the wrapper - publishers enraged.

16 Jun 2004

Test Drive: Eve of Destruction Confirmed for Xbox News

Atari soups up and modifies dusty racing franchise.

15 Jun 2004

Atari's Bonnell states PSP could hit $500 News

Highest on-record Portable PlayStation estimate to date…

14 Jun 2004

Atari Holds Breath as DRIV3R Goes Gold News

French giant rolls dice – can key franchise pass the test?

08 Jun 2004

Warner Brothers Attempt to Implement Quality Control News

Variable royalty rate scheme proposed.

27 May 2004

Football Fever Grips as EA Claim Top Spot News

Ronaldinho may not be playing, but it seems everyone else is.

18 May 2004

UK Chart update News

UEFA scores, virus-powered invasion.

11 May 2004

Nintendo DS to the Power of 100 News

Dev-kits distributed.

07 May 2004

Game Stars Results News

The list in full from iTV’s celeb-filled award show.

19 Apr 2004

EA's Easter Agony as Titles Fall From/Fail to Reach Top Ten News

Ubisoft and Clancy on the up - if it's Tuesday, it must be the All-Formats positions from ChartTrack.

06 Apr 2004

DRIV3R on the Move News

"Sorry dear, can't talk now, I'm on a mission(-based driving adventure)."

17 Mar 2004

Atari Shares Plunge as Fremed Walks News

Atari crisis as CFO makes shock departure.

24 Feb 2004

New Xbox DRIV3R Screens News

Screens! Give me screens!

19 Feb 2004

Atari Shares Hammered by DRIV3R Slip News

Reflections off Christmas card list as Atari loses key fiscal boost.

29 Jan 2004

Now it's June for DRIV3R worldwide release News

That’s PS2 and Xbox only, Buster. PC version to follow.

28 Jan 2004

Driv3r Revelations News

Reflections head honcho gives us the lowdown on Tanner’s latest adventures.

02 Jan 2004

Atari and Xbox in 2004 News

DRIV3R plus two.

29 Dec 2003

DRIV3R Still on the Road to PC News

No mention of a GameCube version, however...

08 Dec 2003

Playable Terminator 3: Redemption Teaser News

When Arnie said he’d be back, we didn’t think it’d be so soon.

27 Nov 2003

Horizons: Empire of Istaria - New Screens, New Server Info News

MMORPG goes German - budding beta testers still sought.

26 Nov 2003

Unreal Tournament 2004 slips to the year it should really come out in News

Epic in ‘more time needed’ no-shock

31 Oct 2003

New Driver 3 screens News

More eye candy from Atari.

28 Aug 2003

Second French videogame invasion looms News

Ill-conceived and aggressive second round of French takeovers?

21 Jul 2003

Defining the balance between toy car and wonky-looking robot News

It has to be Transformers, this time for PlayStation 2.

18 Jul 2003

Magic: The Gathering trading card game gets a new look News

Atari put a spell on us.

26 Jun 2003

Dragon Ball Z Nintendo-bound News

Popular Japanese franchise headed to GameCube.

26 Jun 2003

Enter the Matrix ships 2.5M – still 1.5 short News

Market cautious as initial spike falls.

19 Jun 2003

First Unreal Tournament 2004 screens! News

FPS combat perfection reaches new heights.

06 Jun 2003

Atari confirms new Matrix game News

2003 release of next Shiny license ‘em up.

02 Jun 2003

Will this kill Atari? Enter the shop, buy the Matrix x 1,000,000 News

Atari reports strongest sales ever.

27 May 2003

Desperate For A Frag? News

Let Unreal tournament 2004 provide your fix.

15 May 2003

Atari reveals Kya: Dark Lineage News

A project so well concealed, it’s news even to us!

10 Apr 2003

Full Western Ikaruga roll-out confirmed News

Space Invaders meets chess, meets telepathy, meets sheer genius, the world over!

28 Jan 2003

Global Ikaruga ranking mode revealed! News

It just gets better and better.

09 Dec 2002

World exclusive: Ikaruga GameCube pack emerges! News

At long last. Yum, yum!

20 Nov 2002

Atari’s Unreal Tournament 2003 demo: popular is not the word News

Over a million downloads in just five days confirms that UT2003 is in demand.

25 Sep 2002

Ikaruga for PlayStation 2 ‘will never exist’ News

Tricky PS2 programming Sony version bites the dust.

27 Aug 2002

Driver 3 first shots! News

Take a sneaky peek at Atari’s answer to GTA3.

17 Jul 2002

Driver 3 first look! News

Miami nice!

16 Jul 2002

Infogrames promotes Atari brand in Japan News

New old games brand put to the ultimate test.

06 Jun 2002

US Army looks to license Rogue Spear in a Battlezone style News

Americans use games to train to kill. How delightful!

30 Aug 2001

Atari brand about to take centre stage News

Infogrames set for shift to old skool brand

18 Jun 2001

Atari Arcade Classics confirmed News

No more 10p coins needed!

07 Jun 2001

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