Atari 'Comeback Strategy' Includes LGBT Sector Work

Atari Unveils Corporate Comeback Strategy as Interactive Entertainment Production Company...

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Atari 'Comeback Strategy' Includes LGBT Sector Work
Long-time watchers of the videogames industry will be comforted with the news that, once again, Atari is making a comeback, and this time it's even got a strategy.

Its official release contains the sad phrase: "Iconic Gaming Brand Extends to New Platforms and Audiences; Announces Plans for New Gaming Franchises, Online Casinos, Exclusive Video Content and More". Yes, online betting. But let's see what the 'More' is.

Fred Chesnais, Chief Executive Officer, doesn't quite answer that one when he says, "Atari is more than a game publishing company; it?s an iconic brand that has established a passionate and timeless culture." Yes, so what's the plan?

?Known across multiple generations around the world, Atari will continue to embrace all audiences. What the company has accomplished over the years is no small feat, but there is more to come." Sure, what's the plan?

"We?re looking forward to delivering on our new strategy and engaging with our audience in new ways across multiple channels as the next era of Atari unfolds. We are leading a rebuilding exercise in a highly volatile industry, so at the same time we are also aware of the challenges that lay ahead.? Excellent, what's the actual plan?

According to this document, the plan is firstly to rethink of itself, "As an interactive entertainment production company".

Next, "Atari is extending its classic gaming brands to various platforms including mobile (iOS and Android), PC, online and other digital mediums."

It goes on,"Beyond re-launching its nostalgic gaming titles, the company will aim at capitalizing on other rapidly growing markets and reaching out to new audiences ? including LGBT, social casinos, real-money gambling, and YouTube with exclusive video content. Atari will also continue its hardware licensing line of business, particularly for gamified hardware and wearable devices, with the goal of operating the most promising ventures at a later stage."

Yes, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender diversification... and casinos, online ones. We wish you luck Atari.


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