US Army looks to license Rogue Spear in a Battlezone style

Americans use games to train to kill. How delightful!

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Soon, this will be real
Soon, this will be real
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The American military is interested in licensing a version of Ubi Soft’s combat simulator Rogue Spear, the French publisher announced today.

It would appear that in a deal reminiscent of the use of Atari’s Battlezone by the Army in the early 80s, Ubi Soft has stated that it is in talks with various military groups to produce a battle simulator for training soldiers.

“We've looked at all of the first-person shooters on the market, and no game engine comes close to the realism of Tom Clancy's Rogue Spear," said Michael S. Bradshaw, Systems Division Manager of LB&B Associates Inc. "We need to train the elements of the small-unit on how to prepare for a mission, how to work as a team during mission execution, and how to conduct after action debriefs, and this engine will let us do that and more.”

As well as training for urban combat, the game engine will be used to enhance the pressure-decision making process of soldiers in the field.


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