My Horse & Me 2 Trots Onto Multiple Platforms

Atari's equine series canters on

Posted by Staff
Atari is set to gallop back into the world of equestrian gaming later this year with My Horse and Me 2.

Atari tells us that the game is "packed with exciting new features, brand new graphics and animations, and an engrossing storyline to give fans the most complete equestrian experience and the most realistic horse simulation ever seen in a game."

The series is the only one to carry the license of the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI), the international governing body of equine sports.

My Horse and Me is a great success story for Atari as it brought something special to equestrian gamers with its realistic depiction of the horse riding lifestyle. We are taking the realism and entertainment of the original game even further with the sequel”, uttered Cyril Voiron, VP of brand management at worldwide publishing, Atari. ”Our goal is to establish My Horse and Me 2 as the leading equestrian gaming brand and give players the most authentic and entertaining way to enjoy the horse riding lifestyle in a game.”

Atari says the game will come out in Autumn on "multiple platforms". That looks suspiciously like the series might be breaking away from its origins on the Wii, DS and PC. Granted, "multiple platforms" could simply mean those three, but typically if a companies are only publishing on those platforms they say so up front.

Anyway, check out these first images below.


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