Five Atari Board Members On Chopping Block

Infrogrames steps in

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Five Atari Board Members On Chopping Block
Infogrames, which owns 51 percent of troubled games publisher Atari, has said that it plans to remove the majority of the company's current board members.

Five board members will be ejected while three stay. New directors will be nominated to fill the vacancies. Infrogrames has not said which board members are facing removal.

Infogrames chairman and CEO Patrick Leleu said, "...the appointment of a new board for Atari ... will allow the group to get closer to achieving the key objectives of this plan". The plan in question involves revitalising the company's finances, pushing publishing initiatives and building on the Atari name.

Atari has been beleaguered of late, facing, among other things, massive losses and NASDAQ de-listing.

SPOnG, for one, hopes that the move will prove successful in turning around the venerable publisher's fortunes. We can't face another announcement telling us about Equestrian gaming...

Source: Forbes


Earl 8 Oct 2007 12:16
Can someone please one day just let Atari die a gracefull death.
Joji 8 Oct 2007 14:22
Hey Activision, over here and save this lot from drowning. Indeed, I really think they should ditch the Atari name, it brings bad luck.
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