Full Western Ikaruga roll-out confirmed

Space Invaders meets chess, meets telepathy, meets sheer genius, the world over!

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Full Western Ikaruga roll-out confirmed
Infogrames, perhaps in an attempt to frighten away the vultures circling above it, has confirmed that it will indeed be releasing Ikaruga for GameCube, in both America and Europe, under its Atari brand. This, dear friends, is good news indeed.

Regular readers will know that our Treasure spies have stated this would be the case for some time, but it?s good to hear it from the French financier.

Ikaruga is the videogame version of Naked Lunch. Everyone says it?s cool, but no one has actually read it. But more of that later.

Ikaruga is truly an amazing game, making your brain work in an entirely new way. In short, stupid people cannot play it, you have to have a higher level of intelligence to even begin to understand the mechanic, and cope with the game?s furious, unforgiving engine.

You switch your ship between black and white modes. In white mode you must dodge black bullets and collect white ones. In black mode, the reverse is applied. All the time you are coping with this unparalleled degree of duality, you are required to make decisions about what to shoot and when, chaining groups of three enemy destructions of the same colour.

The aesthetic value of Ikaruga, and its sheer atmospheric presence, are new to the shoot ?em? up formula. Indeed, in making Ikaruga, Treasure has not just furthered or expanded the genre, it has broken it in half forever.

Hilariously, some sites which claim to be ?massive fans of the Dreamcast original? speak of an all-new demo mode that shows players how to play the staggeringly complex game. As everyone who has actually played DC Ikaruga knows, this was included in the Sega original. We also heard that the same sites really loved Naked Lunch too?

Expect to see Ikaruga for GameCube in Europe, complete with all-new prototype mode, in the summer.


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