PlayStation 2: Metal Slug Anthology Screens Here

Apparently it's a benchmark for purity...

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Following the PSP and Wii versions, the PlayStation 2 is now to be treated to a dose of Metal Slug Anthology.

The release date is loosely "May 07' and the pack contains Metal Slug, Metal Slug 2, Metal Slug X, Metal Slug 3, Metal Slug 4, Metal Slug 5 and the latest addition to the series, Metal Slug 6.

On the off chance you've never heard of the series, Atari the publisher regards it "as the bench mark of side-scrolling purity, and (it)stands proud as one of the most important 2D platform-shooters on today?s current gaming platforms". We've got to say that we like it quite a bit, but we're far too English to gush quite that much.

Key Features:

* Arcade Perfect conversions
* Two-Player Co-operative play
* Unlockable items
* Bonus Galleries containing classic poster and character art as well as other Metal Slug goodies.


The Absinthe Review Network 13 Apr 2007 18:51
I have the Wii version and it is outstanding. I've been playing them in order and have so far completed Metal Slug 1,2,3, and X. Tried 4 briefly but was interrupted. Grab a buddy and this is the most fun you'll have since Contra: Hard Corps on the Genesis. The pace is so insanely frantic and the soldiers are very smart; they will duck behind cover while tossing grenades over their shoulders, lunge at you with flying melee attacks, leap out of exploding tanks with rocket launchers...not your typical run-blindly-toward-you enemies!

And for anyone that is not willing to pay $40 for a couple of 2D games, keep in mind that when these were originally released on the on Neo geo AES home system, they were upwards of $300 EACH! So you're getting them for what? 97% off?

Pick it up and you won't be sorry!
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