ET Landfill to be Dug Up in Search for Old Atari Games

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He probably won't be there.
He probably won't be there.
A Canadian multimedia company is boldly going where no gamer has gone before. Fuel Industries has won permission from a New Mexico city to dig up the infamous 'ET' landfill, which contains tonnes of old and terrible Atari games.

Fuel Industries has been granted six months by Alamogordo commissioners to investigate the site, which has become legend for once being a dumping ground for thousands of unsold games during the video games crash of the 1980s. The media company hopes to document its findings.

ET: The Extra-Terrestrial on Atari was one of those games dumped into the site - a game believed to have largely contributed to the industry crash. Here's some context as to why ET was so bad, via the medium of song.

Via Alamogordo Daily News


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