Confirmed: Tales of Symphonia Spin-Off for Europe

New screens!

Posted by Staff
Namco Bandai has confirmed that its Tales of Symphonia spin-off, Dawn of the New World, is heading to European Wiis this autumn, complete with new content. The company has also released some fresh screens, which SPOnG has for your perusal.

On the new new content front, we're promised a Gallery Mode and new head accessories. Namco Bandai tells us, "Unlocked once the game is completed, the Gallery Mode includes a Skits Library containing viewable skits of the gameplay, and an Image Library with a wealth of design sketches, illustrations, pack art and more.

"The game also contains a number of new themed masks and head accessories for Emil and Marta which are exclusive to the PAL version and allow players to customise the characters in battle and will also add new special effects during fights."

The game was already released in Japan and North America last year.

Japan will be getting a brand new Tales game for the Wii this Winter - Tales of Graces.


OptimusP 22 Apr 2009 11:55
About bloody time!!!

Bloody hell Namco, why you always take ages to get those Tales Of games anywhere outside Japan.
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