'N+' Ninja Flash Game Ported to DS and PSP

Download the PC version right here for a taster

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'N+' Ninja Flash Game Ported to DS and PSP
In the context of videogames, N can really only stand for one thing. That’s correct: NINJA!

N+ the game, was formerly a free downloadable PC Flash game and is described as being a little bit like Lode Runner. But with Ninjas. Cool.

You can grab the PC download here for a taster of what’s in store in the forthcoming souped-up versions that Atari is bringing to DS and PSP later this year. In November, to be a little more exact.

Developer Silverbirch has been tasked with putting together the handheld version, adding competitive and cooperative multiplayer to the mix; as well as a level editor so you can make in-game maps with your DS stylus and share them with friends around the world till your little heart is content.

"N+ takes all the great elements of the flash game, from the amazing acrobatics to the simple-but-fast gameplay, and adds an impressive set of new features," said Stephen Baer, senior global product manager of Atari.

"With full support for wireless multiplayer, cartridge sharing ability, downloadable content and community leader boards, gamers will be able to settle, once and for all, who is the greatest ninja."

† Please take you irony tablet now. Oh, and if you have other ideas as to what the letter 'N' could stand for in the context of video games, please opine in the Forum.


Joji 5 Jun 2007 13:00
Does this game come with links to askaninja.com.

By the way, what ever happened to that remake of Last Ninja?
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