Eternal Sonata: Inspirational New Video

Hey dentists! Don't commit suicide!

Posted by Staff
In a games industry dominated by dystopian futures and rehashes of old sporting franchises, SPOnG has a bit of a soft spot for an honest-to-gods high concept, which is why Atari's musical RPG, Eternal Sonata, has endeared itself to us. When this behind the scenes video for the game cropped up, SPOnG got an irresistible urge to share.

We dearly hope that some plucky youngster will watch this video and, feeling inspired, choose not to take up a career in dentistry that will one day result in suicide thanks to the dreary path his (or, indeed her) life has taken. We couldn't bear the responsibility of not showing it. As a wise man once said, with the capacity to show videos online comes great responsibility...

Not, of course, that there's anything wrong with being a dentist. Everyone needs their teeth looking after from time to time.

Anyway, tuck in! When you're done, head over to SPOnG's dedicated Eternal Sonata game page for more.



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