Ban these criminal-damage-inspiring games! Contents Under Pressure revealed

Marc Ecko, Atari and The Collective's graff 'em up revealed.

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Ban these criminal-damage-inspiring games! Contents Under Pressure revealed
Several games developers have adopted the ‘urban’ angle in recent times in attempting to snare the youthful masses. EA Big is perhaps the most obvious example, adding hip-hop soundtracks and baggy clothing to its games wherever possible.

However, it’s not just games developers and publishers who view the ‘urban-yoots’ demographic as worth pursuing. Marc Ecko, hip-hop fashion luminary and founder of Ecko and G-Unit clothing is attempting a similar project from a more authentic perspective. Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure is consequently shaping up to be a proper graff’ ‘em up.

The word on the street (well, Atari’s website actually) suggests that the vandal-based gameplay will be split into three main elements. First, lead character Trane must “Get In” by sneaking into buildings or fighting security guards to get to a section of the city worth tagging. Then, “Get Up” and endanger Trane's life by scaling buildings, clambering onto rooftops and track-treading. And finally, “Get Out” and leg it away from the site of the offence before the babylon catch up.

Whilst the game’s imagery should certainly appeal to fans of hip-hop culture - with over 50 notable graffiti artists all contributing to the available section of tags and artwork - whether or not the gameplay mechanics will be up to scratch very much depends on what magic developer The Collective can weave prior to the game’s PS2 release in June 2005.

Until then: peace, out, one love, etc...


Joji 13 Aug 2004 13:31
Interesting idea but one that Jet Set Radio done, just in a Tokyo city setting. I suppose Mr Ecko wants something more in tune to american youth.

The problem is that graffiti is still considered vandalism by the masses and governments, and though this game might go down well in u.s, some objection is bound to raise it's ugly head in the u.k.

Mind you if it's any good I'd play it regardless, even when some busy body stands up, and blames this game, and Jet Set Radio for a rise in copycat graffiti vandalism.
Mecha Ghandi 13 Aug 2004 14:05
I'm sure people will kick up a stink over this one. Just wait until some teenager decides to go graffing and gets hit by a train... this is gonna cop the blame.

I think 'da kidz' would choose this concept over Jet Set radio though. The tagging element in JSR was pretty superficial, and I've never heard of graff artists on rollerblades before... This seems more like a graff 'sim', if that's possible.
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