Atari Arcade Classics confirmed

No more 10p coins needed!

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Atari will not die
Atari will not die
Remember the days when ten pence pieces were big? Now think what the best use for those ten pence pieces was. That?s right, stuffing as many of them as possible into various arcade machines!

Well, soon you will get to play some of the best games from the Jurassic era of videogames without the need for cumbersome cash, as Infogrames has announced that it is about to release a pack containing some of the greatest Atari arcades of all time.

Infogrames now owns the Atari company, following its acquisition of Hasbro Interactive earlier this year.

The games confirmed for the single disc package are:

Asteroids Deluxe
Crystal Castles
Missile Command
Super Breakout

The disc will be called Atari Anniversary Edition and will be released for Dreamcast and PC later in the year. Infogrames is keen to point out that the games will be arcade perfect and emulated from the original code. Cool, eh?

The PC version will also contain a selection of desktop themes including pointers, fonts and wallpaper, and both releases come with a commemorative Atari sticker.


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