Peter Molyneux

Born: May 1959

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Molyneux: Kinect "Feels More and More Like A Joke" News

Thinks Microsoft should drop it

08 Apr 2014

Molyneux on Godus: "I'm Sorry" News

Following yesterday's tearful update... Godus 2 is launched.

12 Mar 2014

Peter Molyneux Weeps Aloud News

Great man of English game hype and achievement brings pride of son into play

11 Mar 2014

Molyneux: Games Industry are Fat, Greedy Pigs News

Dungeon Keeper inventor annoyed at a short sighted F2P industry

11 Feb 2014

Dungeon Keeper Maker Slams Mobile Version: "Ridiculous" News

Peter Molyneux not happy at all with the remake of the Bullfrog classic

10 Feb 2014

Molyneux: Microtransations Not Integral to Godus on PC News

But "This whole thing about micro-transactions and free-to-play has got out of all proportion"

01 Oct 2013

Peter Molyneux Talks Sense About Online News

Online is inevitable but its doesn't have to be rubbish

12 Aug 2013

Curiosity Winner Will Play God For a Limited Time News

Godus reign is temporary.

29 May 2013

Curiosity Winner Revealed - Gets to Rule Godus News

Will he be good? Or evil?

28 May 2013

Molyneux Teases 'Next Xbox' Event Appearance News

Legendary creative involved in some way.

01 May 2013

Molyneux Adds More Cash Options to Curiosity News

Molyneux Better Big Giving this Cash to Charity

19 Apr 2013

Molyneux's Godus Funded - Next Project 'Very Brave' News

Success for Godus as 22 Cans prepares to move onto next game

20 Dec 2012

Godus Gets Prototype - Footage Here News

See the reality unfold...

18 Dec 2012

Peter Molyneux is Not By Any Measure a Wealthy Man News

That is not by any measure

18 Dec 2012

Peter Molyneux Godus - Complex New Footage! News

And really awful puns by us.

06 Dec 2012

Peter Molyneux - Not Retiring After All News

Great name of British game design not throwing himself off a bridge

03 Dec 2012

Molyneux: Wii U is "Good, But Not Great" News

Two-screen play can be confusing.

30 Nov 2012

Molyneux: Godus is Going to 'Feel Incredible' News

Also new Cube game will show links to new God game

28 Nov 2012

Molyneux's 'Last Game' Revealed: Populous Reinvention GODUS Hits Kickstarter News

Will take elements from 22Cans experiments and Molyneux's past games.

22 Nov 2012

Molyneux's Curiosity: From 150,000 Tappers to 20,000 in a Day? News

The bigger the ambition, the more likely the failure, the more to learn

14 Nov 2012

Molyneux Plans to Make "Only One More Game" News

"It's going to be the defining game of my career."

09 Nov 2012

Peter Molyneux Reveals Release Date for Life Changing Game News

Curiosity from 22 Cans comes to phones...

31 Oct 2012

Peter Molyneux Says Twitter Spoof is a "Reason Why I left Microsoft" News

Many plaudits from Molyneux for MolyDeux

09 Jul 2012

Molyneux Worries about PlayStation Development News

Ex-Microsoft man frets for Sony

13 Jun 2012

Peter Molyneux's Wants to Sell One Piece of DLC for £50,000 News

And it's a bloody good idea from a newly freed UK video games development legend

07 Jun 2012

Peter Molyneux: Is E3 Outdated? News

Wii U "lack lustre" and other companies "holding their breath".

17 May 2012

Exclusive: Peter Molydeux Exposed - Announces his Favourite Molyjam Games News

Also - would he work with Peter Molyneux? Find out here.

13 Apr 2012

Molyneux: Microsoft had Me in 'Creative Padded Cell' News

Also... the address for Peter Molyneux's leaving bash is here and you're invited.

11 Apr 2012

Phil Harrison to Step into Peter Molyneux's Shoes News

Seriously, as one door closes another one is opened by Phil Harrison - 4pm confirmation expected

13 Mar 2012

Peter Molyneux Exits Lionhead and Microsoft News

Molyneux leaves to set up a new venture

07 Mar 2012

Molyneux Raises Kinect Defences with Amiga Reference News

Kinect defence getting a little bit desperate?

12 Jul 2011

Microsoft Games Studios Director: Kinect has Real Problems News

Peter Molyneux speaks out.

21 Jun 2011

Peter Molyneux: "We Need Another Wave of Kinect Titles" News

Failure Drives Me - PR People Hate Me

17 May 2011

Molyneux: Fable III "Just Wasn't Good Enough" News

Lionhead has changed its design process since its RPG sequel.

28 Mar 2011

Lionhead: No, Fable 4 is NOT Confirmed News

Not saying that they're not doing it though, eh?

18 Mar 2011

BAFTA Winners: Heavy Rain Wins Big News

David Cage "incredibly proud."

17 Mar 2011

Peter Molyneux to Receive BAFTA Fellowship News

Milo minute.

21 Feb 2011

Molyneux Shows Demo to Epic - Internet Goes Ga-Ga for Gears of Milo! News

Apparently this means the Epic will surely make Milo

20 Oct 2010

Molyneux: Fable III Not the End News

Series director speaks out regarding franchise

18 Oct 2010

Microsoft Uses Fable III to Big Up Unreleased Windows Phone 7 News

Nicked the Touch mechanic for Fable III

01 Oct 2010

At Last: Milo Game-Play Video Shows a Trick That Works News

Voice rec, child development, and Peter Molyneux

18 Aug 2010

Molyneux Removing Own 'Good Ideas' in Fable III News

And demanding five million sales

12 Aug 2010

Molyneux in Milo 'Mountain Climb' Over Child Interaction Concerns News

Milo 'appeals to all the dark thoughts of humanity'.

05 Aug 2010

Molyneux: Milo is 'a Trick that Works' News

TED talk reveals more Milo & Kate details

14 Jul 2010

Molyneux: E3 Missing a Magic Rabbit News

Gamers might be expecting a bit much

01 Jul 2010

Exclusive: Peter Molyneux: Milo & Kate Tech IS in Kinectimals News

Contradicts David Braben

01 Jul 2010

Peter Molyneux on Groinal Touching and Aaron Greenberg News

And narrative for Milo

30 Jun 2010

Molyneux: Wii and PlayStation Move "Very Similar" News

Milo still in development

25 Jun 2010

Fable III to Have a Ministry of Silly Walks? News

Molyneux: third game to have greatest cast of any game

08 Apr 2010

Molyneux: Fable III Combat vs Drama News

Peter gets worried, then cheers up

19 Mar 2010

Peter Molyneux Calls Heavy Rain 'The Future' Of Gaming News

Fable creator a huge fan of Quantic Dream's story game.

17 Mar 2010

Fable III: Natal but Not Natal News

Also, no HUD will p*ss you off

12 Feb 2010

Fable III To Feature Natal, Micro-Transactions News

Could sell FAQs, weapons and new game areas.

22 Oct 2009

Molyneux Firefights on Natal/Fable III News

Motion control still a maybe for Fable sequel, Molyneux fears for his life

05 Oct 2009

GamesCom '09: Fable II gets Episodic Treatment News

The first one always comes free...

19 Aug 2009

Molyneux Wants Rare Exposed News

MGS creative director seeks identity for secretive studio

15 Jun 2009

Lionhead's Project Natal Video... Fakery? News

But does anybody really care?

04 Jun 2009

Molyneux: Microsoft Set Me Free News

More than Fable coming from Lionhead

23 Mar 2009

Jonathan Ross Announces Fable III News

Ross and Charlie Brooker to star: a Twitter story...

11 Mar 2009

Peter Molyneux Doubts Games' Value News

2009 looking dry

07 Jan 2009

Lionhead Peter Molyneux: Developer Massacre is Over News

We're all professional now

21 Oct 2008

Xbox Live Schappert and Lionhead Molyneux's GDC Revelations News

First major Microsoft keynote since '05.

16 Jan 2008

World of Warcraft's Morhaime for Academy Hall of Fame News

Blizzard CEO joins august company

12 Dec 2007

Peter Molyneux: Traditional RPGs "Meaningless" News

So is Fable 2 going to be any different?

15 Aug 2007

Lionhead Has A Fable-ous Birthday: Video Here News

The wonders of one-button combat

31 Jul 2007

Develop Conference Offshoot: New Speakers Announced News

Microsoft, Epic, Evolution and Rare get involved

23 Apr 2007

Fable Creator Knighted News

Molyneux does it again. Nice one Peter!

05 Apr 2007

Develop Conference: First Details News

British games industry looks forward to summer hols

04 Apr 2007

GDC: Fable 2 - Molyneux 'Perhaps I’m in The Wrong Business' News

Yes, the dog that ate Nintendogs...

08 Mar 2007

GDC: Molyneux & Goichi Suda Join Up News

Post-mortem of Final Fantasy XII adds to the fun. You want to be there... yes, you do.

10 Jan 2007

Leipzig Keynote: Molyneux on Wii, Laziness and Beer Bellies News

Urges developer caution over 'new controller fetishism'

23 Aug 2006

Exclusive: Molyneux on Fable 2 News

And more cagey about how much cash Microsoft gave him.

03 Aug 2006

Exclusive: Molyneux on Next Lionhead Title News

Plus, his thoughts on Sony's bandwagon jumping

21 Jul 2006

Who's Who in Game Development List News

Information on Develop conference speakers inside.

06 Jul 2006

The Movies: Stunts and Effects Trailer News

Live out your stuntman dreams.

07 Jun 2006

Publishers Buying Developers - A Good Thing? News

Are consolidation and creativity mutually incompatible?

13 Apr 2006

SPOnG Speaks to Peter Molyneux News

Microsoft buy-out, Fable 2, Project Dimitri and more.

06 Apr 2006

The Movies – Storyboard Demo Available News

Become a movie mogul for free.

06 Feb 2006

BBC Launches Vegetarian Game Design Competition News

Inspired by dance!

21 Apr 2005

He’s at it Again! Molyneux Claims Game of Complete Free Will News

SPOnG staff exchange knowing glances over Project Dimitri.

06 Apr 2005

Queen honours Molyneux's annus horribilis News

OBE stumped up for Fabled developer.

04 Jan 2005

Another stunning Molyneux climb-down – Minter's Unity is canned! News

UK legends fail badly to make good on latest brilliance claims

10 Dec 2004

Molyneux on Fable: ‘I apologise’ News

Incredible feature climb-down inside – Must read

04 Oct 2004

Fable: Nine-Hour Completion Time Claims Surface News

"Wait and see" game commences

26 Aug 2004

Fable Ready to Tell its Tale, Goes Gold in the Process News

Project Ego has nearly landed.

25 Aug 2004

Lionhead Studios to be bought out by publishing giants? News

Eidos, Activision and Microsoft prowl around the Lion's den

02 Jul 2004

Fable release date confirmed News

The long wait is almost over.

03 Jun 2004

Usual Suspects Rolled Out for E3 Speeches News

Lanning and Molyneux feature.

13 Jan 2004

Exclusive Fable screenshots right here News

After a bout of heel-dragging, Lionhead comes up with the goods.

15 Oct 2003

World Exclusive: Peter Molyneux talks Fable – Part Three News

Third and final section of the interview every Xbox owner must read.

03 Oct 2003

World Exclusive: Peter Molyneux talks Fable - Part Two News

Linearity, full combat details and more explained within…

02 Oct 2003

World Exclusive: Peter Molyneux talks Fable - Part One News

The questions you wanted, answered inside…

02 Oct 2003

Update: Molyneux interview dated News

Fable a Fable? Black and White black and white?

23 Sep 2003

Peter Molyneux set to silence critics News

Populous populist interview looms.

22 Sep 2003

Peter Molyneux's Fable: living up to its name News

The project formerly known as Ego little more than mediocre action title.

19 Sep 2003

Molyneux News News

Fable gasps its first breath

14 May 2003

Molyneux’s money moans News

Game development too expensive says Lionhead, umm, head.

13 Mar 2003

Lionhead looks towards Activision News

Molyneux leaves EA, goes to The Movies.

05 Mar 2003

Coming soon from Microsoft News

Hey, you with the bulging booth at E3! Show me what you got!

23 May 2002

Black And White Goes Gold News

Time to buy a new graphics card, again.

19 Mar 2001

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