BBC Launches Vegetarian Game Design Competition

Inspired by dance!

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BBC Launches Vegetarian Game Design Competition
SPOnG notes with some interest today that the BBC has launched a games design competition for 13 to 19 year olds, to be judged by Peter ?Game of Freewill? Molyneux.

Interested readers can head over here to have a closer look at what they?ll need to do.

The competition blurb reads: ?Your Task: Your task is to come up with a great idea for an online game inspired by art, film, music, writing or dance. We're looking for a game offering about 5?10 minutes of game play. The winning game will be made using Flash. You don't need technical or illustrative skills to take part but you do need to be passionate about games.?

Hang on? a game inspired by dance? Surely the BBC needs to update its thinking somewhat. Games these days are inspired by urban youth talking about their car vinyls and murdering prostitutes. So is there a vegetarian conspiracy afoot at the BBC?

Far be it from us to point any fingers, but on a visit to Lionhead last year, we saw Peter Molyneux drinking tea. Herbal tea.


Joji 21 Apr 2005 11:56
Ah don't you just love the good ol' BBC. They just love games so much that they can't even sort a games show at a decent time after all these years. Thanks for using my money well BBC, not.

I'm glad I can't enter because all they seem to want is my license money but not input on what we need on tv, namely a games show that's not on at a kiddy hour.

A game about vegetables....that sounds very interesting, not. If it was me I'd have a game called Fruit n'Veg Food Fight. It would be set in school canteen so you t**t those teachers you hate with tomatoes. Revenge is a tomato best served cold and at high velocity to someones head. LOL.

If this is about making kids more knowledgeable about food you'd be better off just sitting them down in front of Super Size Me on DVD. It would hopefully put them off of McD's for life.
Pilot13 21 Apr 2005 19:06
The Licence Fee is being put to questionable purposes certainly, but people have yet to come up with a decent games show. They're all reviews and s**t, so boring. It's a shame when the most decent games show broadcast recently was 'When Games Attack'. It was the only games show with a 'top 5' charts that actually were worth watching.
Alan is my first name 21 Apr 2005 19:41
Now I know the industry is running dry of ideas, but must they publically reach out to preteens to try and find the next hit game?

...then again, I really don't want to watch MTV to get the latest info on a Madden game again...
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