Molyneux's Godus Funded - Next Project 'Very Brave'

Success for Godus as 22 Cans prepares to move onto next game

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Molyneux's Godus Funded - Next Project 'Very Brave'
Peter Molyneux's company 22 Cans has seen real people as opposed to games publishers successfully supporting its Godus title through Kickstarter, raising 475,661 as I write this. But the ever talkative Mr Molyneux is already thinking about the next thing.

Godus (more info here) is a reimagining or a rebooting or a reinvention or synthesis of older games in the God Game genre (such as Populous) made famous by Peter Molyneux. So, quire a safe bet for good quality, interesting and bug-free gaming. The next title from the company has a scarier description:

"Immediately after we've done our Kickstarter, we've got another thing that we're thinking about, though I'm really not even going to so much as suggest anything about it," Mr Molyneux tells Kotaku.

"He expands on this, "We've got a long term project which is very, very brave and which we're thinking about. We've got some other thoughts in our mind of what we would want to do for sure. This is the thing: you can't just go into Kickstarter blindly thinking, ?Oh my God, we're definitely going to be funded. We don't need to think of anything else.' You've got to be a businessman about this. You've got to be realistic."

Insanely fast... fingers cross investors and gamers.


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