Queen honours Molyneux's annus horribilis

OBE stumped up for Fabled developer.

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Queen honours Molyneux's annus horribilis
It has been revealed that Lionhead bigwig Peter Molyneux is to receive the Queen's award for being famous, the OBE, or Order of the British Empire, following a torrid year for the Surrey-based studio head.

The honour was given to Molyneux for Services to the games industry, according to the Queen who is well known for her love of gaming and can often be found on Xbox Live playing Halo 2 with the GamerTag Fr33Ca$h69.

Donning his modesty hat, Moylneux said, "It's come completely out of the blue, I never would have guessed that I'd have that kind of honour." Then changing it for his industry figurehead hat, he said, "Gaming was thought to be like skateboarding," he said, "a craze that everyone thought would go away." For reference skateboarding still exists. Don't panic. "Britain plays a big part in the games industry," Molyneux continued. "It's one of the founding nations that made the industry what it is."

The OBE comes after a torrid year for Molyneux in which Fable was launched lacking much of its promised functionality, prompting an embarrassing climb-down from its creator. This was followed by the canning of the studio's other title BC and the breakdown of work with Minter on the equally doomed Unity.

Still, he is the most famous developer we have and he always has a kind word, bless him. SPOnG can't easily imagine Team 17's Martyn Brown meeting Liz...


kid_77 4 Jan 2005 14:05
Yes, torrid. I wouldn't swap his year for mine, especially considering all my successes in the industry.
config 4 Jan 2005 15:45
Heh. You wrote "horribilis". Hehe.

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