Peter Molydeux Launches Spoof Curiosity Trailer


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Peter Molydeux Launches Spoof Curiosity Trailer
It begins! PeterMolydeux, parody of former Lionhead leader Peter Molyneux and friend of SPOnG and Joypod, has launched a spoof trailer for Curiosity. Curiosity, for those unaware, is Molyneux's first indie project, which will hit iOS, Android and PC on 22nd August.

The real Molyneux says that the core of his new app is "so valuable, and so life-changingly important... I think it will appear on news reports." The fake Molydeux expands on this by asking, "Has a game ever truly rewarded you? Imagine a reward so great that it's actually unimaginable."

Although the parody video is hilarious, it also serves to be quite an amazing publicity stunt for Molyneux's project. So it all seems to work out okay. Watch the trailer below.



ease off 18 Jul 2012 10:25
Maybe Spong! should ease off its close alliance with peter and focus not on his ''whaky" antics and more on reporting points of serious interest. It was this "close" friendship that saw you being duped into covering an obvious vapour-ware project. Less chummy understandings and hyped coverage, there are other consumer game executives out there!
Megaton 18 Jul 2012 11:08
Well you're a f**king barrel of laughs!
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