Lionhead Has A Fable-ous Birthday: Video Here

The wonders of one-button combat

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Lionhead Has A Fable-ous Birthday: Video Here
Lionhead, the studio behind Fable and the upcoming Fable 2, has turned 10. Ah, SPOnG remembers when Lionhead was only yay high and couldn't pronounce the word 'combat' properly. They grow up so fast... To celebrate, the baby of gaming legend Peter Molyneux has released a new video diary telling us all about its new Fable 2 combat system. SPOnG has the goods below.

?This is a very exciting time for us,? said Molyneux, who serves as managing director of Lionhead. ?Ten years in this industry is no small feat. We have a great team that is committed to pushing the limits of what we can do with today?s technology; ten years and counting.?

Below you'll find the bods at Lionhead regaling us with details of its one button combat system for the upcoming game along with some mildly worrying anecdotes about the real-life swordsman they got in. When you're done, you can find out more about Fable 2 on SPOnG's dedicated game page. Dig in!



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