Lionhead Peter Molyneux: Developer Massacre is Over

We're all professional now

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Peter Molyneux
Peter Molyneux
Speaking to SPOnG in an interview to appear today on SPOnG, Lionhead and Microsoft legend, Peter Molyneux not only provides more hints at what he's up to post-Fable 2 but also points out that the shake-out in UK development is over.

Molyneux tells SPONG, "I think we?ve reached the end of the massacre in development. It?s been five very hard years for independent developers, and anybody who is left after it has all been shaken out is probably very professional and well-managed, and probably has a future."

He also points up one shining example of this new professionalism, "Seeing people like Media Molecule, which is ex-Lionhead people, doing incredibly well is great."

Nicely attached there, Peter. You can read the full interview on SPOnG this afternoon, UK time.


deleted 21 Oct 2008 09:49
Question is wheres the UK government support for these new devs, and those to come? creativity costs money and requires support and in the missleof a credit crisis its even more importannt to support small and creative companies in the gaming industry.
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