Black And White Goes Gold

Time to buy a new graphics card, again.

Posted by Staff
The hotly anticipated ‘God game’ Black And White is now ready to be sent for pressing and distribution. The God genre was basically established by one man, Peter Molyneux, when he released Populous. Peter has just sent out an open letter to all of us and we thought that you might like to read it.

“Black & White has gone gold – everyone at Lionhead has been longing to see those words and it is with profound sense of relief that I am writing them. Black & White has been the most epic project I have ever worked on and it feels as though these past few months have been the longest of my life. Everyone here at Lionhead is very proud of what we have accomplished. I would like to pay tribute to each and every one of them for their creativity and hard work in making what started out as a two page description, become the stunning experience that is Black & White. I should also like to thank the press for their continued interest and enthusiasm for the game. Most importantly I would also like to say thanks to all the fans, it is has been their support that made the hard times worthwhile – I hope that we have repaid that support with a truly great gaming experience.

Yours faithfully, Peter Molyneux”

Black And White is going to be one of THE PC games of the year. Watch out for it.


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