Microsoft Games Studios Director: Kinect has Real Problems

Peter Molyneux speaks out.

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Microsoft Games Studios Director: Kinect has Real Problems
The Creative Director of European studios at Microsoft Games Studios is also the head of Fable creator. He's Peter Molyneux - and gods bless him for his honesty.

Yes, Peter may tell the occasional 'extended truth' to gee up game journalists and keep us on our toes but despite becoming part of the Microsoft machine, he's not swallowed the media-managed style of some of his peers.

Does Kinect have a problem?

"I'll admit that Kinect has got some problems. As an input device it has some real problems. Without a thumb stick, navigation is a real problem. You haven't got any buttons, so ordering the player to do something can be somewhat of a problem."


But of course, he's got a job to do. So... "But what Kinect does have is a great sense of freedom and emotion. So that's what we've tried to do with Fable: The Journey."

Source: GamingUnion


Cfan 21 Jun 2011 10:37
'insert Jean-Luc facepalm here'
deleted 21 Jun 2011 14:24
Molyneux, will you ever learn....
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