Peter Molyneux Doubts Games' Value

2009 looking dry

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Peter Molyneux
Peter Molyneux
Peter Molyneux, head of Microsoft's Lionhead Studios, isn't convinced that games are good value when it comes to home entertainment.

Looking ahead at 2009 in the games industry (and responding to ELSPA's declaration that 2008 was a record year) Molyneux told the BBC, "Everyone says games are good value for home entertainment, despite the relatively high price. I'm not so sure.

"I think we're going to see a lot of price pressure put on games", he is almost certainly eyeing up the belt-tightening going on in many homes in the face of the credit crunch.

Molyneux also suggested that 2009 looks a bit barren for gamers, saying "While there is stuff in 2010 we can look forward to, off the top of my head, I cannot think of anything this year that really excites me."

His comments mirror those he made to the Beeb last year.

Back to the value of games - while there are various encouraging figures that suggest people are still seeing games as a good value proposition and shelling out cash for them, it remains to be seen whether they will still think so as that tricky credit crunches further and the belts tighten.

While there's a nebulous perception that games are recession-proof (and there have been some encouraging figures trotted out) cracks have been starting to show in the industry's shiny fašade. Just look at the staff cuts at Electronic Arts, Midway, and of course the Free Radical saga.

Do games represent good value to you? Will you be spending less on them in 2009 than you did in 2008? Let us know in the forum.

Source: BBC


OptimusP 7 Jan 2009 14:05
The cracks have been showing before the generation started. It realy is just a matter of perspective, if you're riding the Nintendo're not really showing any cracks. The Wii is just redoing what the NES did so many decades back really.

But if you're tooting the HD train which needs huge cash deposits and manpower shoveled into it to keep it rolling on it's limited're just asking for cracks and getting bought up or going bankrupt.

Really, mergers are a sign of a market suffering from higher costs and stagnating to declining customers to preserve profits from said customers.
SuperSaiyan4 8 Jan 2009 08:44
I think Peter is the biggest f**k tard of the industry I am through listening to his crap, he could sell s**t to a farmer if he could thats how he hypes up his game and then dissappears off the grid!

Don't listen to this guy he thinks his words are gospel and man should follow him.
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