Peter Molyneux: "We Need Another Wave of Kinect Titles"

Failure Drives Me - PR People Hate Me

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Peter Molyneux: "We Need Another Wave of Kinect Titles"
Microsoft's very own European creative director for its Game Studios, Peter Molyneux, has spoken out about the current line-up of Kinect titles for the Xbox 360. And he wants more.

Speaking to The Sydney Morning Herald, Peter states that:

"I think there needs to be a broad range of experiences on (Motion Control devices). I'm one of the great fans of the launch cycle of Kinect and now we need another wave of Kinect titles. We just need more stuff.

"I think we, as game creators, should always be instilling a sense of wonder in people. That's what we need to do at the moment - have these 'Oh My God' moments for people. I think games like Wii Sport did that. Kinect did that."

The bite comes from a longer interview that you can see here during which the great man also states that, "'s failure that keeps me going. I have this dream of making a game that really is amazing and fantastic and I still feel like I'm groping around in the dark trying to find that game, and I think it's that that drives me on a lot. It's also an amazing feeling doing it."

And also, in terms of his notorious over-promising to the press... "I do say stupid statements like, 'This is going to be the best role-playing game ever', because, well, that's what I'm saying to the team...

"...It's just me being stupidly passionate, and it drives PR people insane".

If Peter Molyneux didn't exist... we'd have to invent him purely to get away from the vanilla, passionless, gaming execs we currently have to put up with.


deleted 17 May 2011 12:32
Well if he just keeps remaking fable he aint ever gonna find that best ever game is he.
Cfan 17 May 2011 14:40
How about a 'make your own' Fable game using Kinect?
Shouldn't be too hard...

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