Molyneux: Godus is Going to 'Feel Incredible'

Also new Cube game will show links to new God game

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Molyneux: Godus is Going to 'Feel Incredible'
Despite some well-placed tears earlier in the week, the Willy Wonka of English games making - Peter Molyneux - is already bigging up his new God game called Godus, saying that it will 'feel incredible'.

He states that, ?But now we?ve got touch, and now I can say, ?You can rip a landscape open?, and you immediately know what I mean. I don?t have to tell you that you press button A, or button B. You?d literally rip the landscape open with your fingers on touch, or with a mouse. That just immediately sounds exciting," before expanding into the inevitable Molynesque regions on incredibility like this:

?Because feeling like you can do that ? literally ripping the landscape open with your fingers, or grabbing it with the mouse, or throwing tornadoes ? I mean, that?s going to feel incredible. It?ll feel ten times more incredible because we?re going to be supporting co-op," he tells VG27.

This outburst of snake oil selling or grand imagination and passion depending on your level of cynicism comes in a week when he told RPS, with tears apparently, "I swore that when we started (his new company) 22 Cans that we wouldn?t over-promise, and I guess through stupid mistakes we have. I have to live by those. If it means that the project doesn?t get Kickstarted, if it means that people use the Kickstarter to vent their frustrations, then I guess I have to live by that.?

So why has a man with an OBE plus the cash he's made over years from Bullfrog, Lionhead and Microsoft opted to Kickstart a game that will be incredible in the first place? Is it because he's actually very savvy about being passionate? Maybe it's because the big game publishers want to tweak and PR games before release?

"Fuck all that," says Peter as if he's tooled up ready for a barfight, "Let?s just work as hard as we possibly can to make great features as early as we possibly can, work hard on a prototype that we can start showing off very soon."

As for his personal wealth and the fact it's not going into his own company?

?I think everyone thinks I got all the money from Fable somehow. In fact someone done the calculations on Twitter saying, ?Oh, Fable?s sold 12 million copies so Peter Molyneux must have 100 billion in the bank."

Finally, for now, let's not forget the smash a cube game, Curiosity from 22 Cans either... "We?re working on version two now, I?ve been looking at it today. Now you really can see other people?s patterns as they happen. There?s not a delay. If someone taps, you see it immediately. Using that technology in something like Godus? it would be so cool to have lots of people connected together in the same world, but we?re going to go into details of that soon."

Let's hope this is the good oil and not the snake oil...


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