Fable release date confirmed

The long wait is almost over.

Posted by Staff
Fable is at last becoming a reality, with Lionhead confirming US and European release dates for the long awaited Peter Molyneux RPG. American Xbox owners should be receiving their copies on September 21, with an October launch following in Europe. Fable seems to have been in production for an age and a half, and with Molyneux?s input stamped all over it, it is expected to be a colossal title.

For RPG fans, this is likely to be the most important Xbox title of the year, especially now that Level 5?s True Fantasy Online has been scrapped by Microsoft. Being an Xbox exclusive title, Fable will also be an important addition to the console?s catalogue during the highly competitive and congested run up to Christmas. With titles like this and Halo 2 on the shelves, Microsoft will be hoping to shift a fair few machines on the back of such eagerly-anticipated games.


Brown Force 3 Jun 2004 11:23
Woo Hoo....finally! Though want small thing I'd like to know...why the hell do the UK have to get the game after the US!? Lionhead are based in the UK for god sakes. Damn them!

Still I guess we should be grateful for the dates at least...sigh.
smagic 3 Jun 2004 11:58
I personally think Molyneux made a good job of black and white although after awhile i got bored and started mistreating the animal by learning it to throw its own poo at the villagers and teaching it to eat it so it throws up. (I know i'm sick)

I found the game really clever and interesting and i have to say thats its one of the most original modern computer games to come out of the uk that i've played. I'm looking forward to fable and hoping for some new and untested ground. The idea that you can go around boasting about your skills sounds good.
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TigerUppercut 3 Jun 2004 12:00
For those pumped about Fable, we have a three part world excluisve interview with Mr Molyneux right here:

Part one: http://spong.com/x?art=5599

Part two: http://spong.com/x?art=5607

Part Three: http://spong.com/x?art=5615

Do you think Fable sounds like the greatest game ever of a big world of lies? Let us know.
Joji 4 Jun 2004 10:25
Like the look of this game, I'm sure it will be interesting if Mr Molyneux is behind it.

Hope it does well.
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