Jonathan Ross Announces Fable III

Ross and Charlie Brooker to star: a Twitter story...

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Jonathan Ross Announces Fable III
TV chap and famous nerd Jonathan Ross has shocked the world with the revelation that Fable III is, indeed, happening.

In a Twitter post Ross or 'Wossy', following his trip to the games BAFTAs, wrote, "Goodnight all. Must go to bed. Got asked to do voice in Fable 3 tonight. Subarashi. Oyasuminasia. Woss out."

A cascade of 'WTF???'s from various other Twitter users followed, with Ross letting slip a little more detail. Highlights (including Guardian journo Charlie Brooker's involvement) go as follows?:

ScottRhodie (PR type): "@Wossy What Fable 3!!!?!? Has it been confirmed?"

Wossy: "@ScottRhodie yes they are doing it. Charlie Brooker said he would do a voice for it to ! Great fun !!"

Wossy: "Good morning. Today i must file DVD's, write a piece for The Times, apologize to Peter Molyneux then go Thorpe Park for SAW rollercoaster !"

Oilcan (PR type): "@Wossy Why do you have to apologise to Molyneux?"

Wossy: "@oilcan because I think I revealed something that was not officially announced yet..."

RossSanty (student, gamer): "@Wossy y u need to apologize to peter molyneux??? Cuz u let slip about fable 3??"

Wossy: "@RossSanty yes. No. there is no Fable 3. I don't know. help me."

Poor old Wossy...

?In case you find social media baffling, '@personX' indicated that a post is directed... well, at personX.


deleted 11 Mar 2009 21:36
is this not Ross simply or (taking the piss like) winding the fan boys up??

i would imagine ross recording for fable 2 DLC but fable 3 already?????
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