Molyneux: Kinect "Feels More and More Like A Joke"

Thinks Microsoft should drop it

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Molyneux: Kinect "Feels More and More Like A Joke"
Peter Molyneux, former Microsoft bod and champion of Kinect, has said that it would be "unthinkable" for Microsoft not to release a Kinect-less Xbox One.

Speaking to Edge, the Microsoft man turned 22 Cans founder said, "It feels like an unnecessary add-on to me. Maybe it's because we're in England, and it doesn't really use the TV stuff, but it feels more and more like a joke. My son and I sit there saying random things at it, and it doesn't work.

"They could cost-reduce it [by removing Kinect]," Molyneux added. "I'm sure they're going to release an Xbox One without Kinect. It would be unthinkable that they wouldn't."

Microsoft has spent a lot of air on denying that it will release a Kinect-less Xbox One, and the recently promoted head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, said that dropping Kinect is "not the number one request" from gamers.

"There are a number of games on the ID@Xbox programme that use Kinect, and you’ll see more games in the fall. We’re always trying to match what consumers are asking for," he said in the same Edge piece. "I always want to make sure that we’re in tune with what current or potential customers are asking for from us. Right now, [dropping Kinect is] not the number one request from people. Usually it’s, ‘Where are the great games?’"

Not the strongest wording in the world, is it? Where does dropping Kinect rank - number two? Six?

Source: Edge


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