Fable Ready to Tell its Tale, Goes Gold in the Process

Project Ego has nearly landed.

Posted by Staff
The year is 2001, back when the skies were choked with pterodactyls and reality TV was considered a ?fresh and exciting concept?. The Xbox had its whole life ahead of it, and Peter Molyneux had lent the full support of his precocious Blue Box development team to Project Ego, which was set to be the most impressive title on the console.

Since that initial announcement (and one name change) Fable has since become the most talked about game for the Xbox - a console that has been waiting patiently for an extra-special RPG for quite some time. Knights of the Old Republic managed to get in there first as it happens, but if anything, that has put even more pressure on Fable and raised the public?s lofty expectations for it even further. And when Microsoft Japan canned its own RPG, True Fantasy Live Online, the burden of responsibility on Fable?s broad shoulders became all the more weighty.

There has been plenty of chatter about the dropping of features, the re-inclusion of features, the dropping of them again, and so on. It just seems like exactly the sort of title destined to suffer persistent and ?unexpected' delays. However, we can confirm that all is on track. In fact, Fable has just gone gold and will be ready and willing for shipping on target on September 14.

Not much longer to wait now.


Joji 25 Aug 2004 12:17
Fable looks cool, I'm sure it will be good stuff but not enough to save Xbox in japan.

Despite this xbox needs rpgs like a bushman needs water and so far it's selection is limited. This should help plug a whole though, and hopefully break some new ground.
Newtynho 26 Aug 2004 00:27
Joji wrote:

>Fable looks cool, I'm sure it will be good stuff
>but not enough to save Xbox in japan.

Agreed. And I suspect that even the most optimistic MS employee isn't expecting FABLE to be any kind of XBOX saviour in Japan at this point.

As for my thoughts on FABLE, I admit that my level of expectation for a game hasn't been this high in a long time. On the bad side, whenever this happens, there's always a chance of being disappointed. But I believe this won't be the case this time.

This game has too much potential, and apparently, Big Blue Box are giving their absolute best to turn Fable into an absolutely memorable experience. This is probably the most ambitious game since Shenmue 1-2, and I hope it turns out to be as remarkable, epic and innovative as Sega's masterpiece.
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